Known as Muay Thai or Thai Boxing or “the art of eight limbs” is a cultural martial art and also a national sport of Thailand. The basic concept of this age old close combat culture is to use the entire body as a weapon. It is called as the “ART OF EIGHT LIMBS” as it mimics eight parts of body as war weapons. This is a full body super intense combat style sport using full hand to leg to body contact.

• Hands become the sword and the dagger

• Elbow fells on the opponent as a hammer

• Shins and forearm work as armor against blows after hard training

• Legs and knees function as axe and staff

• Knees and elbows also work to test for an opening where you can spin the enemy to the ground and kill him.

This workout requires you to engage your hands, elbows, feet and knees but it also is a sort of mental workout involving intense concentration to anticipate your partner’s next move. You have to balance your body and remain on your two feet while your opponent is throwing kicks and hooks your way.
Reasons why you should try this sport is:

Easy Learning Of Self Defence: It is the second most famous sport concerning with women’s self defense. The workout consists of easy, effective and simple techniques to learn self defense.

Stress Reliever: According to my concepts; you can’t walk away frustrated after an hour of kicking and punching away on mats. This being a rough and violent sport is going to relieve all your stress for the day.

Heavy Workout: It is always difficult to step out of your comfort zone and try something new but after a few workouts you will see dramatic changes in your physical fitness and technical abilities.

It’s Pretty Tough: Followed by celebrities like Gina Rodriguez a little scarring and bruises are very normal. Just holding the pads is very tough because when someone is punching to it; keeping in an upright position is a tedious task.

Post Results Are Worth It: Muay Thai is said to be a very hardcore workout. The result is a large pay off to your hard work. It is a perfect blend of cardio, strength and endurance training.

Muay Thai owes it growing popularity into being a hard, challenging and tough workout. There is no easy path to staying fit and the more you challenge yourself; the more will you enjoy the fruits of your hard work. So don’t be afraid to hit hard the next time.

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