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Superfoods are a special group of ingredients that can help you stay healthy, fit, and in good shape. Also, these are power-packed with rich nutrition!

Now, superfoods are available in the market and can be very affordable. Moreover, with a multitude of options to choose from, you can get yourself the best superfoods to deck your kitchen!

Not to forget, in the time of covid, immunity-building is a priority. So let us today, check out some delicious superfoods components:


Yogurt Athelio Superfoods

Yogurt is rich, creamy, and the best source of proteins and calcium. These are popular for their probiotics, or good bacterias, which can aid in improving the digestive system. 

And if you add in a bowl of yogurt after your meals, you can help the body ingest good nutrition. This way, there are more health benefits for all your meals.

Moreover, yogurt is flexible for all dishes. You can have it with cucumber, marinade your healthy grilled chicken, or even take some spoonfuls as desserts!



Salmon Athelio Superfoods

Fish is hearty and rich in omega-3 fatty acids. And this is a healthy fat which your body needs for nutritive purposes. 

Moreover, the protein content in fish, alongside the omega-3 content can be just what your heart needs. 

Fish with vegetables can be a perfect weekly addition to your immunity meals. 

And for this, anchovies, salmon, herring are some of the fish options that you can store in your freezer for some great dinner plans!



Berries Athelio Superfoods

Berries come in a multitude of colors. And these vibrant hues are due to the presence of flavanoid, which means they are high in antioxidants

They are filling, easy to digest, and can go with all kinds of meals.

You can pop berries into your yogurt bowl, add them to smoothies, or even stir up some healthy, home-made jellies. 



Tomatoes Athelio

These red and soft delicacies are perfect for every dish. Grilled charred, boiled, or as puree, tomatoes are for all kinds of dishes.

Plus, their vitamin C content is great for immunity and also can reduce the oncoming of prostate cancer. 

So, what shall be your choice of superfoods today? Do let us know!

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