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Be it for an occasion, a much-awaited date or just a change in your life, salon visits for freshly snipped and styled hair can be quite a little adventure. Experimenting with new hairstyles brings out different looks of your face and gives a whole new definition to your facial features. The best part, complements keep changing with freshly snipped locks.

But sometimes, out of excitement, we might go for a hairstyle that does not match our facial features at all. For example, if your face is oval, straightening the follicles might strip away the thick look of your mane.

Understanding our facial features is important in terms of what kind of make-ups suits us, sunglasses, and even our hairstyles. So let us look into which hairstyles go with the following facial shapes.

1. Heart-Shaped Faces

Heart Shape Girl Hair Style Athelio

Possibly the cutest shape there can be. If you have a heart-shaped face, never worry about aging signs as it gives a pretty youthful vibe at any age. Long curly or straight hair might dissolve the high cheek-lines. Instead, go for shorter hairstyles, such as the pixie cut, platinum dyed bob hairdo, or short curly bangs.  These will add a brilliant definition to your face.

2. Round-Shaped Faces

Round Shape Girl Hair Style Athelio

Round Faces are common and can be adorned with various hairstyles. You can try bangs to bob cuts, long wavy and voluminous hair and even the best to fit, straightened layered hair. Anything goes as long you keep a short interval between the layers so as to define your cheekbones.

3. Square-Shaped Face

Square Shaped Face Athelio Com

This can be a tricky shape in terms of buying accessories as well as styling your hair. Try to stay away from straight cut bangs as they make the face look shorter. Instead, opt for wavy or curly wisps diagonal to the sides of your face. This will give a faded softness to the edges of your face.

4. Long-Shaped Face

Long Shaped Face Hair Style Athelio

No worries with the name, as this shape is the most glamorous among all. But to accessorize it, go for the big curls and big length wavy strands. Be sure to have locks over the cheek bones for the bouncy and full effect. But careful with the length as longer hair tends to make the face look more elongated than balanced.

Always make sure to listen to your trusted hair stylist over your adventurous and daring ideas as it might save you a few months of faux pa!

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