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Winter lip care is essential for uncomfortably dry, chapped lips. However, using petroleum jelly is a bad idea, especially due to health hazards.

The nifty little tub of lip gel you might like to use to moisten your lips has ingredients that might make you take a step back. And this is as petroleum is a by-product of crude oil.

It is far from skin-friendly and also causes skin and liver cancers. And even the most refined jelly contains Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons, the same as the petrol you put in your cars!

So what would be the best substitute? Well, there are many! Let us check them out:


Honey for the Dryness


Honey is a natural exfoliator and can cure any infection you have on your lips. It is also a soothing moisturizer that heals the cracks and dry edges. 

Moreover, honey can remove dead cells from the lips and protect it from harmful bacteria. You can use it as a scrub, or simply a soothing balm for your lips.


Cocoa Butter’s for Natural Antioxidants


Cocoa butter contains natural flavanoid oxidants which help in providing a hydrating cover over dry lips, helping the lips feel soft and supple. 

It is also known as Theobroma oil which you can find in the production of chocolate for that rich smooth taste. 

Cocoa butter is also rich in Vitamin E which heals the lips and helps it stay healthy and moisturized. 


Coconut Oil for Sensitive Skin


If you have a combination (dry in winter, sweaty in summer) or sensitive skin pattern, unrefined coconut oil is the answer for winter lip care. 

It acts its part of an antifungal ointment which improves the lip and removes any harmful bacteria to reduce infection. 

Moreover, as a natural emollient, it can help the lips stay moisturized for hours. And its antioxidant content makes it the perfect protection against the sun’s UV rays. 

You can use these natural ingredients at home for your winter lip care and get better results from that of a tub of petroleum jelly. 

So which shall be your lip care beauty product for the week?

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