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You still think smoking can be the worst decision taken in your life? Well then rethink. There is an even more risk than losing your life due to smoking.

This article is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Some say exercise helps you live longer. It’s true but only if you really do it. Some of the recent study shows that a lifestyle where you do nothing other than eating or drinking can cause you the greatest risk in life. There are various evidences supporting this matter.

Dr. Wael Jaber a cardiologist at the Cleveland Clinic and senior author of this study called the results “very surprising”

Not being fit according to various tests is an even more critical condition than having high blood pressure, diabetes, or even being a chain smoker. Nothing as dangerous as this has ever been found. This was according to what Jaber told to CNN.

He also implies that researchers must make people understand that it is more riskier than any of the disease possibly existing. It should hence be considered as a disease which has only one cure and that is “exercise”.

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Various studies of other researchers claim that 122007 of the patients who underwent exercise related tests, 12% of them had the lowest exercise rate. This study was published in the journal JAMA Network Open.

Dr. Jordan Metzl sports medicine physician at the hospital for special surgery and also the author of the book “The Exercise Cure” states that heart disease and sugar related problems are the most expensive ones in US. We spend a lot of money only on the check up of these diseases. Rather than paying this huge amount, we should be able to actively exercise daily.

People have always been under the view that “huge amount” of exercise leads to higher risk of death, which was turned out to be false. In fact it can be said that the more you exercise the more healthier and happier life you could lead. There is no such level wherein a person could face death . Metzl also stated that fit people do their best in everything they can.

However we can see the benefits without any age limits in both men and women(more in this case). Whether in 40s or 80s the benefits are the same.

Not Exercise Is Worst Than Smoking Athelio

People who fail the treadmill tests are close to death twice than those who have heart disease. Comparing those people who eat low nutrition food to those with top exercise performers(fit and healthy people) have found out that the risk is 500% higher. (Ironic but true!)

We do not take into consideration that while we sit and do all the stuff around us without any efforts, we are only increasing the risk more and more than how much it should have been. We have hands and legs so it is more important to walk and move around rather than sitting in one corner and welcoming your death. Hence keep moving, be fit, be the human you are and live life to the fullest.

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