You’re trying to lose weight from a lot of time but there is something that is not allowing you to achieve it. It’s not the will power and not the determination, but you are always on top of the stressful eating. This is known as emotional eating.

A lot of people tend to eat when they are in stress, anger, fear or when they are bored. It helps them to cope with with the feelings. Emotional eating is known to have similar effects as of addiction.

What we need to understand is that eating brownies will not resolve your problem.

Are you actually hungry or emotionally hungry?

The biggest challenge you might encounter is differentiating between the kinds of hunger you have. Physical hunger is an indication when your brain determines change in levels of hormones and nutrients in your blood. Emotional hunger on the other hand, hits very fast.

If you suddenly feel the urge to eat, just to distract your mind from a stressful situation then don’t get into any more eating.

What is the real cause for the rumbling in your gut?

Not only hunger but stress and nervousness can also cause rumbling in your gut. Distorted eating habits and food anxieties also signal your brain to eat, which is a misinterpreted signal. Check before you get into anxious eating.

What feelings do you get from food?

Even if you have sorted your problem, you might still indulge into stressful eating just to soothe yourself. It’s not just to eat in order to feel good, you have to leave your comfort eating patterns. Instead come with practices that you can swap with your emotional eating ways. Like, if you feel the same while patting a dog and eating chocolate cake, then choose a better alternative.

How else can you de-stress yourself other than emotional eating?

There are many kinds of stress management activities you can initiate like yoga, meditation or a simple prayer that can relax you. Find places and things that can kill your anxiety rather than growing it.

There is nothing wrong with eating delicious meal and a fabulous dessert. But, do not make a trade-off between your problems and the food.

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