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Building up flexibility is not just for looks, it is highly important for muscle game, being active in sports and other daily routines are also affected by how flexible one’s back is. Increasing flexibility can help to create good postures and loosen stiff joints.

Being flexible reduces your problem of backaches and joint pain. Exercises to increase flexibility are easily overlooked by weight trainers, but it is the best way for strength development. Strength exercises help to build fascia growth which allows muscles to be placed together. Strength exercises help to build our core muscles and increase the flexibility of calves, glutes, forearms. These are the following strength exercises one may follow to increase flexibility :

1. Curtsy lunges

Remember watching British period films, the women always curtsied to elders or the elites to show them respect. Who knew the fitness designers will develop it into a exercise for building flexibility. Start by standing with your feet four  inches apart. Put your hands on the hips to ensure balance during the exercise.

Step back with left leg and cross it behind the right leg, putting the weight on the left leg. Stand tall with keeping both legs relaxed, slightly bending the knees, and lowering the hips down until the right thigh is parallel aligned with the floor. From the bottom, put pressure  into the right heel and push back and return to the starting position. This exercise built your calves and hamstring muscles and increase their flexibility

2. Walking lunges with Medicine Ball

Stand tall and place an eight-pound medicine ball in your hand, holding it out in the front. Stretch the  arms forward without the  elbows touching. Take a big step forward with  left leg and lowering down into a lunge, allowing the back knee to bend and move it towards the floor. On the other hand, workout on  the  core strength by twisting to the left, moving the ball across your left leg, pushing into the left heel to come back up.

3. Pull Ups

When weight lifting, have you ever given a thought  that even just hanging from a pull-up bar is an excellent stretching workout for the shoulders to increase grip hold  and arm strength. It can be an immense exercise to build up the upper body strength and add to flexibility of core muscles

pull ups athelio

4. Dumbbell Chest Fly

Weight lifting exercises that focuses on the chest area can increase flexibility if done in the proper way and in the right flow of motion. This exercise can build up the flexibility of the shoulders. It pushes your upper arm strength without losing control. Before starting this exercise, a warming up is needed. Beginners should start with a lighter weight and continue at a stable pace.

Dumbbell Chest Fly

These workouts can help in balancing of joints and ensure muscle stability. Building up core muscles is important to stay fit and flexible

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