If you are looking to lose weight faster and increase your burn rate, it might be time to level up your walks with power intervals. So, here’s a five-day-a-week plan for you to burn approximately 300 calories a day through exercise. While this is a walking plan, we recommend including strength and resistance workouts with this to get even better results.

Day1 – Powered-up pace walk + stretch

Day2 – Strength training

Day3 – Steady state walk + stretch

Day4 – Strength training

Day5 – Powered-up pace + stretch

Day6– Strength training (Bonus)

Day7 – Rest

Powered-up pace walk

Start with a warm-up by 5-minute walk. Now, follow this 2-2-1 interval structure to power up your pace for 20-30 minutes.

2 minutes: Start a brisk walk at steady pace. You should be able to talk but your breathing would be quick (Intensity 5/10)

2 minutes: For the next 2 minutes level up your brisk walk at steady pace. You should be able to answer short but shouldn’t be able to carry full conversation.

1 minute: Pump in your complete effort for this stage. Level up your pace as much as you can moving your arms quickly to keep you going faster. This should be very difficult but manageable for 60 seconds.

You need to perform this complete activity 4 times without any break if you are doing a 30 minute walk and 6 times if you are doing a 40 minute walk. You can end the session by 5-minute cool-down walk to recover your breathing and heart rate. Adding such bursts helps you a lot to burn more fat in less time.

Steady state walk for endurance

Begin with an easy pace, 5-minute walk to warm-up then maintain a brisk, steady walk for 30-40 minutes. Intensity level should be 6/10. End the session with a 5-minute cool-down walk at an easy pace to recover your breath.

Strength Training

Perform complete body strength building movements using your bodyweight, dumbbells, resistance bands and other equipment available.


Stretching is an often avoided yet crucial part of your workout regime. You can perform this before or after your workout keeping a focus on complete body stretch. You can pay extra attention to the areas that are relatively stiff or tight.

Rest day

Rest day is as important as your workout days. Muscles need sufficient time to recover for the stress experienced during the daily workout. Stretch, garden or take a leisure bike ride on your rest day. Point is to take an off from your exercise while keeping the body still in motion.


Depending on your current fitness level, you may reduce the days per week of this plan to start. Each week, add 1 day of training or extend your session by 5 minutes to increase the workload. Modify the plan as per your preference so that you can stay consistent with the plan because that’s the key to get results!

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