This is the most common notion that in order to stay fit is all about your diet than your chosen fitness regime. But what we never take into consideration is the sleep part of staying fit. While you’re asleep your body aids as a storehouse for testosterone and growth hormones and other certain regenerative chemicals you need for your next workout. As we care about you a lot, we bring forth the best sleep strategies to inculcate a good sleeping environment.

The wonders of a pre-snooze ritual

Before going into the all sleep patter, halt all your non calming activities. Replace all such activities that trigger your fight and flight response and go all natural and light on your body. Develop a regime that slows down your heart beat and steadies your breathing.

Read through the pages of a book

Believe it or not, reading through a book helps you in establishing lower stress levels. It acts as an tranquilizer for your body’s racing thoughts and makes you feel drowsy. According to a research reading for just six minutes can reduce your cortisol levels by 68%. So go and grab a book today.

The natural breathing

This technique was used by soldiers to calm their stress levels before going for a nap. Follow this quick breathing exercise to calm your mind: Inhale for four seconds and then pause your breath and then exhale for four seconds. Repeat 3 times or until you enter your dream place.

Enclose a dark environment in your room before sleeping

According to researches, an ideal sleeping environment is the one which is quite, dark and temperature enough; a total cave like surrounding. Mix it up with your blackout shades in order to induce some melatonin production.

An ideal comfy mattress

An ideal one-third of your life is spend sleeping, so until you have your type of mattress your ideal dreamland is difficult to reach. So upgrade your mattress with a good foam, one that reduces your backache and makes your body alignment perfect.

A continuous nine hours of sleep

You should never ditch on your sleep, like really never. Not having a proper sleep can lead you to depressed immune system, depression and a number of other health issues. So not kill your sleep not for work, passion or love.

When it comes to what is right for your body and what is not, a perfect response is hidden in you only. So don’t suffer from insomnia and have a great workout session while sleeping.

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