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Rigorous exercise might not be the only way we can go for toned stomachs. The simplest step to reduce flab and fat off the stomach is around us at all times! Yes, you guessed it right, water is nature’s best detoxify-er. Drinking 8 liters of just 10 glasses of water every day can flush out the impurities and toxic off the body and start a day with a blast. There are ingredients that can be added just to boost the detoxifying effect of water. Vitamins and minerals infused water

Here are the few fresh ingredients that can be fused with water for a healthy flavored drink –

Lemon- Lemon has a rich content of anti-oxidants and vitamin C which when consumed with iron-filled food, it helps with breaking down the minerals and absorb them quickly. Lemon infused chilled water also is drank more than room temperature water.

Oranges- Vitamin C and enzymes in oranges is helpful in clearing the digestive tract and detoxify the liver. It also helps strengthen the immune system and make it provide better protection. Orange slices provide a tangy flavor to the water which feels refreshing on a hot dry summer day.

Orange Tropical Fruit Slices Athelio Com

Cucumber- There are innumerable advantages off cucumber. But the best yet has to be the high water content. Cucumber adds a sparkly light flavor to the water that makes it a refreshing drink. During dehydration, the body might confuse the situation with hunger, cucumber water helps to regain energy and hydration by replacing intake of sugary sports drink and junk food.

Mint Leaves- Mint leaves provides the sweetness for a delicious flavored water, without the need of sugar. Its cool and refreshing taste gives a fresh flavor when the drink is chilled.

Mint Leaves Athelio Com


  • Cut an orange, 2 lemons and a cucumber in thin slices
  • Pick out 12 mint leaves
  • Put all the ingredients inside the filter of a fruit infusion bottle. It helps keeping the seeds in check and filtering out the desired flavor
  • Fill the bottle up with chilled water, keeping empty on the top
  • Twist the filter cap tight and insert it into the infusion bottle

Detox Water Athelio Com

Voila, your energizing and refreshing detoxify-er is ready to be carried for the day. Remember to keep the fruits in filter for only 24 hours as the essence might be lost after refilling the bottle many times.

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