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As pregnant woman, there are various changes in your schedule that might take a while to adapt to. However, you shall benefit from these fitness-oriented regimes. 

The body of a pregnant woman requires proper exercises, meal planning, and healthy habits. And all of these are beneficial for the expecting woman, and the baby inside. 

Now, workouts in this scenario can have benefits such as lifting crampy moods, helping with aches, bloating, and most importantly, post-partum recovery!

So what are these workouts which a pregnant woman can utilize? Let us find out!

Taking a Walk

Athelio pregnant woman walking

Walking is a well-known healthy way of keeping the body fit and active. You can opt for power walking or even easy strolls. 

Walking is a great way to keep the body fit during your first and early second trimester. Moreover, if you find yourself fit enough, walking is possible even during your third trimester. 

It is safe, helpful, and a great way to enjoy some time outside during pregnancy. 

Try Our Low-Impact Aerobic Movements

Aerobics Athelio

Aerobics and Zumba are great ways to workout during pregnancy. Of course, you must keep in mind to not apply too much pressure to your abdomen. 

Moreover, pregnancy aerobics exist especially for pregnant women to tone down their bodies. Pregnancy can affect body weight and eating habits.

And when you take up proper workouts during pregnancy, your mind, body, and health respond positively. 


Sandbag Kickboxing

Athelio Snadbox Kickboxing

While 1v1 kickboxing might not be a good idea for a pregnant woman, the sandbag version does not involve any human against you. 

You can burn off extra fat, sweat out the stress, and even enjoy good moods during pregnancy, by throwing a few daily punches. 



Pilates is resistant-based workouts on equipment. It involves balancing yourself. Custome pilates schedule-based on pregnancy can help you build a stronger core, and improve your flexibility. 

And proper flexibility can be quite useful, especially before your delivery. 

And as pilates are low impact, these are perfect for women in their first and second trimester. 

So during your pregnancy, you can take up workouts and ready your body towards a healthy delivery schedule. 

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