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The current pandemic situation has brought us face-to-face to an unthinkable reality where we are locked indoors and we have to alter our life to adjust to this crisis. This pandemic has brought us to the point where we have to resort to novel ideas to continue our life as normally as we can. Even so, there are many things that we just cannot let go and leave behind.

Education is a necessity that cannot be ignored so it was decided to bring the school home, through online classes. For the past 4 months, students all over the world have been spending several hours in front of their laptops to keep up with the school curriculum so that they do not fall behind.

Over time some concerns have prevailed over this arrangement as it is causing more harm than benefit. Let’s take a look at the apprehensions it is causing.

More screen time

Due to online classes, screen time has increased much more than earlier. The children have to stay online for the classes for long hours for studies. Thereafter they watch shows or play online games for some leisure time. As they cannot go outside, their dependence on electronic gadgets has increased manifold.

The problem of Obesity

As children cannot go out, they spend all their time at home in front of laptops or mobile screens. Less physical activity is making children gain weight and many have complained of obesity issues at an early age.

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Impact on eyes

Longer screen time has led to the weakening of the eyes of the children. Kids’ eyes are exposed to unnatural light for an extended duration which is harming their eyesight. Staring at mobile phones and laptops for long hours is affecting the eye muscles.

Virtual world

The children are surrounded by the virtual world for the most part of their day. Sadly, it has become their reality. Their world has shrunk as they cannot venture out and have become limited to home and screens. This is not a healthy choice but currently, it is our only way forward.

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Not every child or family can afford smartphones or laptops or high-speed Wi-Fi networks to facilitate learning at home. So many children are suffering because of this situation.

Mental health

The inability to attend regular or virtual school and long hours in front of laptops and mobile phones have given birth to mental and behavioral problems in children. At such a young age, the children have become addicted to gadgets, thereby aiding in the emergence of several mental health cases in children.

Online classes are the current reality of our world. This is the only way we can move forward and not compromise with the academic calendar in the present scenario. Let us hope to reduce this dependence on technology by reopening the schools shortly soon.

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