Reduce Love Handles By Athelio

Have you ever wondered about the side-belly fat which gives the sight of drooping muffins? It can be quite problematic especially when you can buy skirts or jeans fitting for a flat stomach. The abdomen stands out perfectly, but then again, the hanging side-tummy pooch is quite a sight.

Yes, so we are going to target those love handles. Don’t worry as there are easy exercises to reduce the fat which stand loose. Waist fat or love-handles are stubborn but with a few move-sets, let’s  loose of the excess side pooch!

1. Scissors

– Lie down and put your hands under your glutes, palms down
– Raise the legs slightly above the ground
– Kick them up alternatively, making sure your legs are not touching the floor
– Try doing this 20 times in one rep.

2. Downward Facing Dog

– Bring your body down on all 4s
– Your knees should be on the floor, hands open to provide extra support
– Raise your knees and straighten out your legs at the back
– Your glutes should be pointed up.
– This will create an inverted V shape from the ground.

3. Side Plank Knee Kick

– Lie on the side of your body
– Balance yourself on your left elbow, fingers pointing out
– Your legs should be slightly bent and stacked over one another.
– Tuck in your stomach and raise your hips slightly above the ground.
– Using the balance, lift your right leg raised up and kicking the front
– Try his 10 times on each side, for 3 reps

4. Dynamic Planking

– Lie down face-front on your yoga mat
– Prop yourself up over your elbows and feet
– In one count, roll over on your right elbow, raise your left hand over the body
– Roll back again to plank position and continue this on alternate sides
-Try the dynamic planking for as long you wish, preferably 10 times in one rep

5. Superman Pose

– Feet should be spread out carefully
– Raise your arms and legs, keeping your abdomen to the floor.
– This will be seen as a woman being abdomen at night
– Bring the body down and repeat slowly 10 times.

These exercises are short, simple and can be easily incorporated into the daily schedules. It will a week or two, be sure to take care of all the workouts and add these to the daily schedule.

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