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For someone new to fitness or even a veteran of workouts, running marathons as a whole new regime can be overwhelming. Non-cardio trainers, might find it a tad-bit difficult to get in the new shoes as the constant fear of losing muscles keeps one at bay. But once one is on the tracks, it’s a full body workout and a refreshing change from the complete indoors training. Jogging and running has plenty advantages as it improves cardiovascular strength, burn plenty of calories and keep the body toned up. Following points can be summed into a starter pack for first-time running enthusiast.

1. Begin With Steady jogging

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Build up the speed and endurance around how much the body can initially endure. Start with brisk walks, building up to jogging with a few mins. of reverting back to brisk walks in between in order to control the exhaustion. The body needs to get familiar to the quick and continuous heavy strides that will be taking up later. If one starts with fast running with no breaks in between, it may lead to muscle cramps and quick fatigue. Be sure to wear proper and medicated shoes for the tracks.

2. Plan Your Routes

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Muddy tracks, rocky uphill roads and traffic-filled areas should be strictly avoided as they cause way too many hindrance for a smooth session. Grassy patches, parks and semi-empty footpaths can be suitable for daily workouts. Setting up times of the day to avoid peak-hour periods is a must. Jogging is best around dawn and night as the population on road remains relatively sparse.

3. Continue with Cardio

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Cardio strengthens the core and keeps the leg muscles mobilized so that chances of muscle cramps and strains are lessened to little or no occurrence. Warm-ups are an integral foundation for a healthy body for any number of kilometers to run. Strength workout increases energy levels and stabilizes the body for more rigid drills. It also keeps the body weight in check and loosens the joints for daily track-regimes.

4. Know the Different Types and Terminologies of Running

The style of running changes profusely with which kind of roads one treads on. One cannot jog on a rough road but it highway side-paths are specially suitable for marathons. One should be able to recall the choice of running type that compliments the path they prefer.

Long run require no limitation over distance. It is comfortable to try out long runs possibly twice a week as it can be terribly exhausting as a daily task. Track roads built specially for joggers are preferable for this liking.

Speed run syncs with good music tracks, beats and a healthy heart. Speed runs require a straight and smooth path such as a highway pavement.

Recovery run is rooted to drawing back energy that recovers the muscles and normalize breathing pattern. A pavement or a grassy patch would make for a soft base to heal the feet.

5. Know the Core Principles of Running

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There should be a long-term commitment to fitness. Hence the requirement of investing into it with company and understanding of how the body strategies with the environment around you. Finding a workout buddy to synchronize the outdoor schedules helps in keeping own self tin track of time and schedules, thereby refrains one from slacking off from their dedication. A few good music tracks might help with timing the steps, speeding up and slowing when required. So it is quite useful to fine-tune the workout schedule with some good music.

6. Following a Suitable Diet

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It is absolutely necessary to follow a strict dietary program to provide the appropriate nourishment the body needs to stabilize energy investment into outdoor workout. A Dietitian or personal doctor may be able to recommend diet charts that personally suit individual’s digestive capacities and allergies, not to mention financial power to afford them.

If all the above criteria are fulfilled, one can readily tie up their shoe-laces to venture out for a wholesome nature-bound workout routine. It is to be taken into account, one’s health and if it can be able to take up a strenuous training. Consider a doctor’s words before getting into the planning.


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