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As we transcend to the next year, the time has come to re-pump ourselves with the right vision and energy to take upon the year ahead. This time of the year is for incubating new resolutions to improve upon your life and tethering the understanding from past events. Nevertheless, it’s an important exercise to bring more clarity to your goals, which further helps in channelizing your actions.

As the year ends, planning on new resolutions also becomes overwhelming as numerous ideas, plans, and goals cross our minds as collective thoughts. Hence, it becomes very important to take a while and plan for our resolutions to avoid jumping the gun.

Here are a few tips that can help you plan, create and achieve your new year resolutions which are more effective and realistic:-


Priority Resolutions – Identifying and Working Upon Your Weaknesses

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As they say, necessity is the mother of invention. This simple phenomenon can help you taking up resolutions of utmost importance. For example, as a writer, I know that the peaceful morning hours can bring the best in my writing. So, for me, holistically, the package of good health, along-with productive writing can be achieved if I rise early. So, I can promise myself something on those lines.

You can think upon what is the need-of-the-hour for you and your family, be it a health issue you need to cater to. It can be a resolution to save an amount each month to clear a debt. It can be something like investing-first and spending-later. Identify your weakness that makes you vulnerable in the future, work towards resolving that as a priority in the coming year.


Resolutions of Balance

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We all are working round the clock to meet both ends. There is absolutely no issue in this, yet, life is also about expanding your perception and creating new experiences. Even if, you are among the lucky ones who are pursuing what you always dreamed of. For example, I know if I can shut down myself and my work an hour earlier in the night and plan my day better, I get the chance to drive my daughter to school. Those fifteen minutes with my daughter can be instrumental in shaping my equation with her instead of her seeing me sleeping or rushing through the morning.

Contemplate situations where you are extending rather than shrinking or shrinking rather than extending. The gap in between is what life is and to constantly fill those gaps with memories and experiences is what life is all about. So, this year 2021, make sure that you make the most of life by making resolutions that help in balancing all aspects that life has to offer.


Being Realistic and Striking Simplicity

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The resolution setting is a multi-dimensional process with infinite scope. This can make us drift our thought-process and even make us question ourselves. Always remember that it’s always a roadmap for the next year not for your whole life. Yes, what we do each day governs our future life. For example, taking a resolution of buying an expensive car is incorrect. On the other hand, if I know that my favorite car is of X amount that resolution to save Y amount each month to compound it to X should be my resolution.

Being realistic and simple while setting your resolutions give you the right motivation and road-map to work upon them. They instill confidence in you when you achieve them and further set the bar high.


Resolutions for a Better Life for Others

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Our lives are governed by a complex combination of time and money. But, to put it simply, if you have time, volunteer time for the greater causes. If you have money, volunteer money, that can collectively uplift a cause. Contributing, even little of what we might have evolves our perception from third world problems. It gives us a sense of subtility, sense of belonging, and satisfaction. Standing for a social cause can make the lives of people around us better and collectively our nations stronger.

Volunteer, teach, donate, care for the environment, and smile along the coming year.

Concluding, I wish everyone reading here a very happy new year and merry Christmas. Roll through the new year with all new energy, new resolutions, and enthusiasm. We walk this planet once and let’s make it amazing for ourselves and everyone around us by keeping it cheerful and simple.


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