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While autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons, with its soft orange glow, vibrant leaves, and a soothing breeze, it means you will need to indulge in proper skincare. At the onset of winter, the chilly breeze can leave your skin to be dry, especially your dry lips.

Moreover, as you might know, our lips are the softest part of our facial skin, meaning it requires complete attention.

And you can start by using some natural, at-home remedies to treat your chapped and slightly dry lips during winter. Moreover, with these ingredients available ready at home, dry lip-care in autumn is a walk in the park!

Let us check some out:

Petroleum Jelly

Gel Athelio

According to the American Academy of Dermatology Association (AAD), petroleum jelly is an all-rounder when it comes to lip-care. 

It is affordable, waxy, and provides a smooth finish over your lips. 

Moreover, after using some petroleum jelly, you will not need to bite or moisten your lips if the surface cracks. 

Additionally, you can find a nice tub right at your neighboring drugstore. 

Organic Honey

Honey Athelio

Other than tasting like heaven, honey is a natural healing component, which can help soothe cracked lips and cure swollen lips. 

The best part, you can exfoliate your dry lips off the dead skin by applying it with a bit of crushed sugar. 

And by rubbing this mix over your lips, they will feel more moisturized, fresh, and supple. 

Moreover, honey has antibacterial properties that can also cure lip infections of harsh chemicals in cremes and soaps. 


Aloe Vera Gel

Aloevera Athelio

Aloe vera gel is a cure for everything skin and body-related. 

Its inflammatory properties can help you get rid of tanned or burnt lines on the lips. And aloe vera also contains enzymes, which is a natural exfoliator for smooth, supple lips. 

Moreover, the gel-like consistency of aloe-vera extract is perfect in maintaining a natural glossy finish that you would want on your lips. 

Of course, you should use aloe vera maybe twice a week, and let your lips heal after the natural gel treatment. In case you would like to check some remedies for spring, check this out.

What is your weekly mantra for treating dry lips? We would love to hear from you!  

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