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The life-changing experiences of vegan dieting are a mixture of revelations, revolutions, and a stride towards a healthier living. Today, we shall look into such stories. 

As years pass by, more and more people are opting for a vegan lifestyle that can help sustain their physical and mental well-being. Additionally, the stories today are more than just for a change in health. These are narration from people who has emotional connections to their decision on going vegan:


In Respect of the Late Brother



“I did what I thought was best for him: put him on medications prescribed by the doctors including immunosuppressant medication. He suffered so much, and I am pretty sure it was the medications that took him early. I have my regrets.

This year I found out that I too have autoimmune system disorder and was diagnosed with subclinical hypothyroidism with elevated anti-TPO antibodies.” said Imlinungsang Longkumer after his brother had passed away after suffering from Lupus. 

After seeing his brother going into hospitalization and later leaving the family forever, Longkumer had decided to rely solely on vegan dieting. He added, “I went vegan in honor of my younger brother with hopes that this will help me deal with my disorder with much ease. I don’t EVER want to be hospitalized (after seeing my brother, it’s scary). 

I believe I can heal myself by adopting a whole food plant-based diet and by leading a kinder, compassionate life.”


Protect One Animal, Protect All


“One day I woke up and looked at my cat and I knew that she was my whole world and that I would do anything to protect her,” Nina Tertinek confessed about when she decided to go vegan. She felt that if she is protecting her companion pet, why not do the same for other animals?

She felt, “At that exact moment I realized that I am being so unfair to those animals that I eat just because they are not mine and because we have been raised to think that they are just a number and have no name. 

“I realized they need to be protected as well” Hence, she is a proud vegan with a companion and more to protect. 


A War Against the Boss at Work


Benjamin Kent’s decision to go vegan occurred from his thought process of how he treats animals, the same his boss was exploiting him. His Facebook post reads, “It was the same week I left my job under bad circumstances. I was working for an exploitive boss. I went into that overthinking mode, found myself in the meat aisle picking up a neat pre-pack of lamb parts, well that big thinking brain started putting a few pieces together and realized if I was against the boss for what he did to me, would I be any better for exploiting this lamb/s? 

Made the choice there and then to put it down and check out the overlooked vegetarian/vegan sections, haven’t looked back since. Two years going strong!!![sic]”

In conclusion, living and letting live are the collective life-Changing Experiences Of Vegan Dieting. Be it for someone special, to save what you love the most, or to stop yourself from harming animals, veganism helps bridge gaps between humanity and the earth.

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