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The thrill of workouts is exhilarating. Once you get get pumped with the proper and rough regimes that pushes your limits, there is no stopping the beast i.e. you. That is where you are ready to integrate HIIT in your regimes.

Lot of you may know HIIT(High Intensity Interval Training) workout requires tremendous amount of strength. This is because, as the name suggests, this involves short time interval extreme workout along with short gaps of rest. You can say this is one of the most time effective workouts there can be. It is also known to provide results twice as much as regular workouts.

Following Are the Advantages of HIIT Workout :

  1. Improved muscle gain
  2. Reduces and stabilizes blood pressure
  3. Best in shedding fat
  4. Heightens metabolism rate
  5. Decreases blood sugar rate
  6. Burns maximum amount of calories in minimum time
  7. Helps improving oxygen consumption

Here are a few upper body exercises with weights that you can try out :

1. Overhead Press

  • Take a set of dumb-bells and hold them up on each side
  • Your arms should be parallel to the ground and the dumb-bells to be held at ear-height
  • On exhaling, lift the dumb-bells straight up
  • On inhaling, bring the hands down only till the ear, the arms should not droop
  • Do at the most 12 counts of the exercise

2. Triceps Kickbacks

  • Bend the upper body forward with the back straightened out
  • Make sure to keep the neck to line with the spine
  • Keep two dumb-bells in hands which should be close to your sides
  • On exhaling, extend both the arms at the back of your body
  • On inhaling, bring the arms back to position
  • Continue this for 12 counts


3. Chest Press

  • Lie on a mat and keep the upper body straight
  • Bring out the elbows to either sides of the shoulders
  • Keep a dumb-bell on each of your hands and push them up on a straight line
  • Be careful not to bend the arms thereby clanking the weights
  • Perform this exercise for 12 reps

4. Side Plank with Lateral Raise

  • To begin the workout, initiate a side plank
  • Balance the upper body on your left palm and support the legs on the feet
  • Keep a dumb-bell, preferably 5 kgs. on the right hand
  • Bring the right hand down towards the core with the weight held in
  • Bend your arm ever so slightly to life the weight up to shoulder length
  • Do this for 12 counts each side

5. Push-Ups

  • Lie on the floor in plank position and let the body be supported on the palms and feet
  • Keep the spine parallel to the ground
  • Lift the upper body up, only till the lower back with the help of your hand
  • Try not to let the buttocks rise in the process
  • Bring the body down while exhaling slowly
  • Perform this for 15 counts

6. Triceps Dip or Reverse Tabletop

  • While lying on a mat face-up, raise up the body with the hep of your palms and feet
  • Raise your core and hips with the help of your palm and feet
  • While lifting, elbows should go straight up and legs should be folded in a way that thighs are near parallel to the ground.
  • Repeat the exercise for 15 counts

It is vital to take assistance of expert trainer in case you wish to engage in HIIT training. short-span intensive workout requires knowing how much the body can do in a certain span of time. Take help and get going with this new venture for modified fitness.

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