Recently I was admiring my little cousin’s thick and shiny hair. Immediately, I went in front of mirror and ran fingers through my hair to make myself more upset by looking those broken, thin, lustre-less strands curled up my fingers. I know hair problems are just inevitable when you grow old and has become one of the most common problems for men and women worldwide. But, fortunately keeping a check on your lifestyle, managing stress levels and opting nutrient rich diet can increase your chances of hair regrowth. Here’s a list of foods that you should include in your diet that can increase your hair growth:


Deficiencies of mineral and vitamin has seen to be one of the reason behind hair loss. Spinach is a superfood for this case. It is extremely rich in over 10 nutrients. You can cook it with lentils, paneer or make a sandwich to meet almost 85% of your daily magnesium and almost 35% of daily iron requirement in one go.

Vitamin B-12

According to studies vitamin B12 is needed for hair regrowth. It is involved in metabolism of every cell present in the body. Make sure to include fish, beef and animal products in your diet as they are rich in vitamin B12.


Apart from hair loss, iron deficiency can have a lot of adverse effects on your body. It has been reported as world’s most common nutritional deficiency. You can include foods rich in iron like red meat to meet your body’s iron requirement.

Go Gluten Free

There has been a lot of awareness about consuming gluten free products nowadays. Gluten is seen to have effects like inflammation, irregular bowel movements and reduced absorption of nutrients. It is best to avoid gluten for one month and see how your body responds.


Broccoli is again immensely rich in nutrients. According to studies, a compound named DHT is responsible for hair loss. Interestingly, broccoli produces a chemical called I3C which is turned into DIM by body that inhibits the production of DHT. You can include broccoli in salads. However, try to consume boiled broccoli instead of microwaved for best results.


Eggs are the ultimate superfood. They are rich in endless things –  protein, vitamin B2, vitamin 12, vitamin 6, vitamin D, selenium and they  are good for hair regrowth too. It is a good source of biotin, which is great for hair, nails and skin. You have variety of options like including 3-4 boiled eggs or 2-egg omelette,  or scrambled eggs, half fried eggs etc in your diet.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes contains complex carbohydrates. It has been proven by several studies that diet too low on carb is harmful for your hair follicles. Sweet potatoes are a good mix of carbs and Vitamin A which is good for your eyes also. You can see similar results with carrots and pumpkins.

So now, you have a list of 7 easily available foods that are beneficial for your hair health. Along with including them in your daily diet, try to keep your stress levels low. Stress and work-pressure life that we are living currently also leads to early greying of hair and hair loss. Try to live a happy and peaceful life along with a nutritious diet and see the change by yourself.

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