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Sometimes we make an error while working out, i.e., doing it on an empty stomach. And when you do not consume pre-workout food, chances are that you might throw up, or even vomit on-spot. 

Now, the food we eat needs to be the right food. Meaning, fiber, fruits, and other energy-providing small meals. 

However, there are some food ingredients, which you should avoid before starting your workouts. 

The incorrect foods might end up taking up your workout schedules, in digestive them completely. 

And what types of food might they be? Let us find out!


Sugarfood Athelio

While sugar is a vital source of energy, you can always make a healthier choice. 

While sugar is a compact source of high energy, it also burns down quickly.

Meaning, you might feel tired after 20-mins of high-intensity cardio.

Of course, you can always have something as a substitute such as berries with yogurt, or even a granola bar!


Excessive Salt

Saltyfood Athelio

Salt is a vital reason for high pressure. Moreover, excessive salt can make you feel dehydrated quickly, and it is always not possible to chug on water too frequently during workouts. 

Of course, not all meals can feel like a meal without a pinch of salt. Hence, the best way to tackle the salt content in your food is to make meals with water-rich components, such as tomatoes, broccoli, spinach, etc. 

The water helps you stay hydrated and energetic for longer during workouts. 


Dairy Products

Milkcheese Athelio

Lactose in pre-workout meals should be minimum. While yogurt with fruits helps to balance both the components, milk, cheese and cottage cheese (paneer) are a big no-no. 

If you are unknowingly lactose intolerant, even the slightest bit, you might feel pukish and gassy during your exercise sessions. 

Instead, you can bank on rich protein shakes to help you amass enough energy to complete your workout. 


Fatty Foods

Junkfood Athelio

Finally, the known and best-avoided, fatty junk food is the worst type of meal to gorge on pre-workout. 

French fries, burgers, and pizzas are full of saturated fats and sugars, all of which are detrimental to our health. 

Moreover, as the digestive system retains saturated fats for longer, you might feel bloated, or even have cramps mid-workouts.

Instead, maintain a healthy, pre-workout meal planning.

What are your favorite pre-workout snacks? Do let us know! You check this link for pre and post-workout meals.

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