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While the keto diet is a popular way of toning down extra fat content, it might not be safe if followed more for a very long duration. 

You can say that it is a temporary change that you should take for your daily meals. Ketogenic diet leads to the body burning fat instead of carbs. But in the long run, it might not be effective. 

According to various studies, the ketogenic diet, in the long run, can lead to nutrition deficiency, constipation, low blood pressure, and even heart diseases. 

While this is truly effective for a quick and healthy weight-loss program, it is not a permanent solution. 

And here is why:

You Might Suffer from Diarrhea

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Our gall-bladders are responsible for producing biles, which help to burn fat. However, too much fat burning can be overwhelming for the body in the long run. 

And this is one of the most vital reasons for suffering from a constant, or frequent Diarrhea.

Not to forget, the ketogenic diet also limits fiber intake. And in the lack of fiber, the body shall have digestive issues. 

Moreover, as the body requires energy, you might be ingesting more fatty food than that of carbs, which helps in the digestive functions. 

You Might Feel Too Fatigued 

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When your body is constantly burning sugar and fat for energy, you are bound to feel tired, sleepy, and weak. 

Additionally, when you are adapting to ketosis your body needs an excess of energy to burn. And a minute lack in it can make you feel tired in no time. 

Hence, it is always advisable to follow a fool-proof ketogenic diet for a few days. 

There are Risks of Potentially Fatal Heart Problems

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The correct, and doctor-prescribed keto-diet shall contain the right amount of proteins, vitamins, iron, minerals, and more. 

However, you might come across people who create their keto diet without complete research. 

And in this process, these people might also add an excess of unhealthy fats, such as bacon, salted-butter, cream, and more!

Now, as our body needs energy, these ingredients require daily digestion. And bacon, for starters, might not be the most healthy source of energy. 

How long did your ketogenic diet last? Do share it with us.

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