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7-Day Portion Control food Options

One can opt for food items appropriate for their system from the following choices to make 3 course meals for 7 days:

Portion-Control Options for Breakfast

  • Eggs and Chicken on toast
  • Fruits with yogurt
  • Cheese and tomato sandwich
  • Oatmeal with honey and fresh-cut fruits
  • Chapaati with Paneer curry
  • Fresh fruit juice with banana, watermelon and apples
  • Yogurt with apple, almonds and walnut


Portion-Control Options for Lunch

  • Fruits and vegetable salad
  • Beans and potato curry with rice
  • Chicken meal with rice and salad
  • Beetroot and carrot curry with Chapaati
  • Stuffed vegetable and/or chicken sandwich
  • Asparagus and carrot soup with bread
  • Grilled Chicken with vegetables and mashed potato


Grilled Chicken And Veggies Athelio

Portion-Control Options for Dinner

  • Chinese chicken with boiled vegetables
  • Wheat noodles/pasta cooked in low-fat sauce
  • Chapaati with broccoli and tomato curry
  • Chilli Paneer cooked in vegetables with rice
  • Potato and egg sandwiches
  • Creamy mashed garlic cauliflower
  • Steamed vegetables with mashed potato and toasted bread



Changes in the immunity system and health will slowly start to appear if one attentively follows a planned-food intake. It is always suggested to visit a dietitian to know and follow prescribed diet charts if any food allergies or metabolism-related issues are in question.

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