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We have gone through various keto-diets. Some are the ultimate challenges to conquer while others are plainly just delicious treats. But what if we provide you with a full-packed keto meal plan for a whole week? The challenge here is to not enjoy as in no way can you stay away from such scrumptious snacks.


Breakfast – Eggs and bacon
Lunch – Chicken salad in olive oil and some feta cheese
Dinner – Smoked Chicken or salmon with grilled veggies

Chicken Salad Athelio Com


Breakfast – Poached eggs with goat cheese, grilled tomatoes with basil garnish
Lunch – A glass of milkshake made with almond milk, peanut butter, cocoa, and stevia sugar.
Dinner – Baked meatballs and veggies topped with cheese.

Poached Eggs Athelio Com


Breakfast – Healthy Milkshake of your choice
Lunch – Avocado and prawn salad with olive oil and feta cheese
Dinner – Grilled pork chops with veggies and cheese

Pork Chop Athelio Com


Breakfast – Omellete sprinkled with sliced avocado and onions and basil
Lunch – Celery sticks with guac dips and a few nuts
Dinner – Grilled chicken stuffed with veggies and cheese

Poached Eggs Athelio Com (2)


Breakfast – Tomato and Cheese Eggs
Lunch – Chicken and Prawns salad with olive oil
Dinner – Steak and eggs with grilled mushrooms

Tomato And Cheese Eggs Athelio Com


Breakfas t- Poached eggs, smoked ham, and grilled tomato
Lunch – Fish grilled with veggies and eggs.
Dinner – Baked chicken with veggies and grilled tomatoes

Grilled Fish Athelio Com


Breakfast – Eggs with bacon and mushroom
Lunch – Chicken salad with avocado and veggies sprinkled with olive oil
Dinner – Beefsteak, poached eggs and fresh veggies

Bacon And Eggs Ahelio Com

Have we got you salivating? Well wait no more and plan out the next week’s plan accordingly.

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