Nutritonal Facts About Beet

This colorful wonder has been aiding our health since we were young. Beetroot might be the only vegetable we somehow agree to eat because of how vibrant it looked. It is an underappreciated with super-foods like dark-green vegetables and berries, but beetroot is no less a nutritious ingredient when it comes to health benefits.

Let’s look at the nutritive values of beetroots :


Main compositions of one beetroot is 87% water+8% carbohydrate+3% fiber. Other essential vitamins and minerals comprises of Iron, vitamin C, potassium and Manganese, making it a power-packed food ingredient.

Facts About Beets You Didn't Know

On the glycemic score index, beetroot scores about 61, which scales on the medium range. If the glycemic index is low, it means that the blood sugar levels in your body will be stabilized, pertaining to the fact that beetroot does not affect the body due to its low-carb content.

Dietary fiber is vital for a healthy diet. Comprising of 2-2 grams/100 grams of beetroot, it has a safe amount of digestible nutrients.

Beneficial Properties of Beet(Beetroots)

1. Helps in Improving Blood Pressure

Beetroots in the form of beet-juice is essentially a healthy drink for your body. Nitric acid, found in beetroot juice acts as a blood vessel relaxant which improves blood flow to various organs, muscles and most importantly our heart. Without such a strong component working in the heart, chances of short breath and fatigue are quite common. This proper circulation of blood helps stabilizing blood pressure, boosts oxygen delivery and helps during prolonged workouts.

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2. Reduces Heart Risks

Betaine in beet-roots and its juice helps in conserving arteries and heart from damage or ailments. It has been proven and validated that upon consuming beet-root juice regularly, but in moderation,  it helps lessening the risks of heart diseases and keeps perfect blood flow and pressure.

3. Provides Stamina

Nitrates in beetroots provide energy for athletes to push their own limits in game. It has been found that upon consuming 3 beetroots worth of beet-juice, stamina of a bicyclist can be boosted massively. In case of endurance  performance, nitric acid in beet root juice aid in boosting oxygen flow in the system thereby enhancing the stamina  inside the athlete to go on for longer.

4. Helps with Memory retention.

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Nitric acid content might start diminishing as the body cannot create it as we get older. Thereby making beetroot essential for our neural activities. The brain functions on energy from metabolism and retention capacity which slowly reduces due to the age factor. Therefore it is of utmost importance to consume beet and beetroot juice by the time we reach our 50s. It helps with better blood flow in the brain thereby helping with attention span and other activities.

5. De-Stressing the Liver

Our livers do the most to keep our bodies light and healthy. It not only flushes out the toxic from the system but aids in breaking down fat and cholesterol that reminds clogged into our systems. Betaine in the beetroot juice is a kind of amino acid that helps reducing the fat composition in the liver, making it lighter and properly functioning .

6. Helps in Overall Health

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Vegetables work their way up our bodies to help us gain proper strength and nutrition from the body through their individual nutritive values. Beetroot in its way, creates a better heart and blood circulation. You can say that as it provides better health to the heart, it might be increasing your life span. This also means that this vegetable aids to a healthier lifestyle and should be incorporated into a meal for better functioning of the body.


In case of diseases that are deadly and pertaining to the heart and blood pressure, visit a doctor for medication.




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