A little careful understanding of essential nutrients and their sources can make you a performer in the bed. Here’s a list of four nutrients that are vital to your man armour and all it can do:


Zinc is known to boost your testosterone levels. It helps to maintain longer erections and sperm health. For an adult, daily requirement of zinc is around 8 milligrams per day. Foods that are rich in zinc are:

Cashews- 5.6 mg per 100 gm

Avocado- 1.3 mg per medium fruit

Lamb- 5.5 mg per 100 gm

peanut- 3.3 mg per 100 gm

Crab- 10 mg per leg

Vitamin B12

According to a study published in Journal of Sexual Medicine, deficiency of vitamin B12 can cause erectile dysfunction. Vitamin B12 is crucial for blood production and cell metabolism.

Average daily requirement of vitamin B12 is around 2.4 µg per day. Best source for vitamin B12 include:

eggs- 1.1 µg in 100 grams

milk- 0.5 µg in 100 grams

cheese – 1.5 µg in 100 grmas

salmon fish – 3 µg in 100 grams.

Herring- 13 µg in 100 grams. Almost 6 times of daily requirement.

Sardines- 8 µg in 100 grams. Almost 300% of daily requirement


Arginine helps to relax blood vessels and manage blood flow so that you can get and continue with an erection. However, there is no standard dosage of arginine but it is generally okay to intake 2-3 grams three times a day. Foods rich in arginine are:

Chicken Breast: 4.1 gm in one piece

Walnuts: 4.5 gm in 1 cup

Chickpeas: 4 gm in 1 cup

Peanuts: 5 gm per cup


Magnesium helps in increasing blood flow to the extremities and increase arousal. YOur body needs almost 420 milligrams of magnesium per day. These are the foods rich in magnesium:

Amaranth (Quinoa seeds)- 479 mg per cup

Cashews – 356 mg per cup

Peanut- 168 mg in 100 gm


Protein is made up of essential building blocks known as amino acids. It not only helps to build muscles but also promote sexual health. According to DRI (dietary reference intake) one must consume around 0.8 gram protein per kg of body weight. Eggs, chicken breast, paneer, milk and broccoli are good sources of protein

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