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Halloween 2020 might be all e-meets and parties online. But you shall need the best costumes and get-ups for the 31st! And natural removers the day after.

Natural make-up removers can be safe for your skin and more affordable, especially with all ingredients already existing in your home. 

Not to forget, residual make-up overnight can cause blemishes, pimples, and even lead to dried skin. So, quick removal is of the essence. 

And in this scenario, what can you use? Let us find out:


Coconut Oil

Coconutoil Athelio halloween

Coconut oil can not only remove make-up but also add moisture to the skin. It is soft, highly-absorbant, and takes just a few seconds to remove the toughest of the products off your face. 

And all you need is a dab of coconut oil and some cotton pads. Apply the oil over your face, and use the cotton pad to remove the make-up using the oil. 



Honeymakeup Athelio halloween

Honey is delicious, sweet, and a healing agent for your skin. You can apply it with a cotton pad, and even blend it to warm water.

Water and honey together can be an effective cleaning solution. Not only does honey remove tough products, but also reduces the chances of pimple eruptions. 

Honey is anti-bacterial, helping the skin stay soft and supple after make-up removal. 



Cucumberremover Athelio halloween

Cucumber is a natural skin refresher. It can not only remove stress marks but also heals the skin from blemishes, dark circles, dryness, and more!

You can either circle cucumber slices over your skin or dab your make-up areas with cucumber juice to remove the products. 



Milkbath Athelio

Milk baths have been popular since ancient times. It was a rich, and luxurious way of cleansing self. 

Milk helps to retain moisture and removes make-up stains. Moreover, milk contains proteins that help the skin stay young and wrinkle-free!

Of course, if you have mixed or oily skin types, using milk-based cleansers would be a better choice. 

These are just a few tips to make sure you start your 1st of November with a fresh, glowing face.

So what shall be your chosen Halloween make-up remover? Do let us know!

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