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The 2020 pandemic has been the most challenging ride that we have ever taken. With the COVID-19 infection swooping over almost globally, we had to change various aspects of our lives, in self, and on professional grounds. 

Today, I shall speak about my journey, with COVID-19, and the changes it brought about in work life, self-care, fitness, and on the mental front. 


Online Workathome Athelio

The work-from-home schedule is a bit different from how easy I had thought it to be. Initially, I found myself waking up to face my work table. And of course, clearing day’s work to hit the hay. 

With time, I began rescheduling work, to balance my non-work hours better. This meant, more hours to myself, taking up hobbies that rejuvenated the mind, daily.

The trick was to let my clients know that the work time for me shall be from 10 AM to 9 PM. Not only did this ensure quality work, but a steady peace of mind.

Covid-19 Self Care

Handwash Athelio

Of course, this positively impacted self-care. COVID19 has brought about a dynamic revolution in sanitation and health. Nowadays, I make sure to wash my hands properly before eating, touching my face, or when I am back from outside. 

Additionally, I keep a stock of incense sticks, softly fragrant candles, and some nice oils to indulge myself for just a few hours.


Fitness Athelio

And with a year that calls for boosted immunity, daily workouts, an overhauled diet with more veggies, and of course meditation, proved worthwhile. 

Daily yoga sessions have been tremendously helpful in calming the mind and body while improving my overall concentration.

For my meals, roasted veggies, fresh fruits, and juices are my new-favorites!

Mental Health

Mentalhealth Athelio

Finally, mental health is of priority. While the daily stress from prolonged lockdown has been a thorn to the skin, I am still persevering. 

Hence, communicating daily with loved ones, new hobbies, deep breathing, fact and myth check about COVID-19 are among the few tips I can provide to overturn anxiety by just a bit. 

Of course, if things are not controllable, make sure to seek help. You are always worth it.

What is your lockdown mantra? We would love to know more from your input!

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