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Rise and shine, it is a new day to venture out for the quest of ultimate fitness and health! For many of us, providing time to maintain our bodies is almost a luxury. That does not stop the most determined strength enthusiasts from achieving the most they can receive from the fresh morning spirit.

5-10 minutes workouts ensure the body warms up for the day from its dormant dozed states. Then why not take its advantage and burn a few calories while we are at it? These simple workouts require minimal props to help and maximum benefits. Following are some workout routines that require minimal time span to ensure optimum fitness and calorie loss

1. 5-6 Minutes Daily Planking

Planking is one of the most efficient exercises one can try out. It is integral to provide the body with good posture that is stripped away from regular slouching at desks or phone. Planking extends the shoulder muscles and from the arch of the body, provides relief to back pain.

Various types of planking can achieve different results. Side planking is ultimate to provide all round stability to the body. In order to do it, you must prop up the body side-ways on one of your elbows, letting only the ankle touch the floor. Keep the posterior and abdomen tight to stabilize the body over the elbow. You can try to raise the top leg for 1 second, bring it down to repeat the process.

Planking face down provides toned abdomen by making the mid section tighter. So let us try to challenge the planking with mountain climbers. Balance the body on both elbows and alter legs to bring them towards the stomach. Keep doing for 20 reps and rest in between.

2. 5 Minutes Belly Fat Burn

Flat stomach or sculpted abs are everyone’s big dream in the fitness world. He wouldn’t love showing off the hard work. Proper rigorous exercises and balanced meals are the way to go! There are many benefits of doing regular stomach exercises. Let us delve into which are the best.

Belly Exercises Athelio Com

Side to side twisting, with a 3-5 kgs. Ball takes care of the waist fat that accumulates the fastest in the body. Keep your feet 5 inches apart, extend your arms and hold a heavy ball. Sway from left to right for 20 counts for 3 reps. Make sure to keep your back and stomach tight to maintain posture.

Crunches also provide the perfect development of toned abdomen. Have legs apart by 8 inches, tighten your thighs and hold up a heavy 5 kgs. ball. Swing it down between the legs and raise up again. Continue this for 2 mins each for 3 reps. The upper belly fat tends to break down faster with a heavy object putting pressure on the stomach.

3. Buttock Lifts for 4 Minutes

No one has natural Kim Kardashian butts, not even Kim Kardashian herself! We already know that butts are the biggest muscle mass in the body. A toned strong butt and glutes are strong enough to withstand injuries and a solid lower back support. Plus, it has a nice visual appeal of a sturdy and able part of the body.

Squats are the go-to options for butt-lift exercises. Stand legs apart with feet 45 degrees to each other. Let us try with a 5 kgs dumb-bell to begin with, hold it up with both hands. Slowly squat down till the thighs are parallel to the ground. Continue for 20 seconds each rep for 3 reps.


Donkey kicks help re-firm the lower buttocks muscles and burn the lumps of fat that weight the butt down, deforming them into shapeless bulges. Prop the body up on your elbows and knees, keeping the back straight. Remember to not slouch as it may cause muscle strain around shoulders. lift the legs back alternatively to kick back up, making sure to put pressure on the lower buttocks. Follow this for 30 seconds each reps 3 times.

4. Kettle Bell’s The Way To Go

Kettle bell workouts are high calorie burning and overall burning of fat. The conglomeration of cardio and lifting provides a hard work on the regime to get the best results. The weight is equally distributed around the kettle bell, making it ideal to work with without putting pressure on any one angle.

Kettle Bells Athelio Com

Exercises with kettle ball can be similar to the ones for tummy fat burn or butt-lifting workout. Instead of using dumb-bells or heavy sports ball, switch to a kettle ball. It provides the maximum effort to lift and squat as the weight puts balanced pressure on the stomach, glutes and shoulders.

5. 4 Minutes to Shed Weight

While we know warming up is just to stretch out the muscles and revving up the body for tougher regimes. Does not mean we keep it that way. Make warm ups fun-sized by pushing your limit to how many kinds of workouts you can incorporate to just initial stretches.

Shed Weight Athelio Com

Let us start with running in one space. It might be just to sweat out the body and prevent future muscle cramps. But does the same amount of work as cross trainers. Time yourself while jogging in one place. Start with 5 minutes and extend the time with comfort.

Mountain Climbers are similar to suryanamaskar but on one higher level. While former is slow-paced and calming. Mountain climbers is similar but there is no rising up from the position. Alternative front kicks while propping up on the elbows allows lower belly fat to shed and the area to tighten. Not only does it require proper balancing but for a few good minutes, the body heats up to an optimum temperature to release calories.

6. New Workout New You

Let’s push the limit higher. Why 3 exercises with 3 minutes interval between when you can try 3 types of routine exercises for 20 seconds each with 15 seconds intervals between. Go from squats and lunges straight to abs crunching with kettle bells followed by next 20 seconds of planking. This sheds calories faster as the heat of the body after the first workout is not allowed to escape within those 3 minutes intervals. Mix up more and repeat the process till you feel sweat dripping and pounds shedding.

7. 4 Minutes Constant Weight Loss

Tabata Workouts is an intensified workout which requires a tonne of strength and energy to be put in. It was first introduced by Izumi Tabata in Japan that is similar to the previous points. 3 workouts for 20 seconds each with 10 seconds interval provide the calorie loss for next 36 hours to continue even after 4 minutes or so. You can mix and match tabata regimes together. Dumb-bells, kettle balls and a soft mattress are the minimal requirements of tabata. The high endurance workouts provide the utmost benefits to shed off unwanted fat in all areas of the body.

Tabatha workouts can be tried 3 times a week. Start off with 20 seconds workouts with 10 seconds of interval. Breaks vary with exercises. After crunches, sit on the mattress with the legs out. Go for brisk slow walks after jogging. Lie down on the mattress after planks. In case of incorporating cardio machines, remember to use them manually without the automated timers.

8. Chair Workout

Chairs are more than for resting for a fitness enthusiast. It provides a balance or a base and should be used for optimum exercises. It is the best equipment you can have for a home based workout. To begin with, one must have a hardy chair to take on their weight. Plop it against a wall and you’re good to go. A chair helps with several gym workouts but with enough balance to keep the body upright.

Knee lifts while sitting cuts down the strain on the knees and thighs while putting pressure on the lower belly fat. Hold the sides of the chair while sitting up, and bring the knees close to the chest. Alternative 3 reps are enough for first tries.

Push ups using the chairs might be a tricky shot at first but with practice, you will get there. To begin with, prob yourself on your hands with your back to the chair. Raise your legs and place them on two sides on the chair one by one, carefully to not tip it over. Do regular push ups but with better balance.


Losing weight fast is not a myth if hard work and dedication is put into it. Give your all to the few minutes you invest and a fit and healthy body will be the well deserving gift.

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