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A fresh cup of coffee or tea in the morning can surely stir the soul. These are energizing, warm, and the perfect brew to wake up to. So today, we are going to talk about some amazing morning drinks substitutes, that can keep your cuppa teas and cuppa joes, at bay.

Both tea and coffee have moderate, to high caffeine contents which can cause:

  • Mild digestive issues
  • Increase in heart rate.
  • A rise in blood pressure, and more!

Moreover, many people opt to add sugar and milk to their drinks. While daily sugar intake is unhealthy, milk can cause indigestion and gas in many. 

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Let’s check some substitutes for your morning drinks that can aid in weight loss and also serve as alternatives for tea or coffee.

Freshly Squeezed Lemon Water

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A tall glass of lemon water is as good as it can get. This vitamin C-rich drink has 0-sugar and caffeine content. 

Moreover, there is no calorie in lemon drinks. Rather, vitamin C, as an anti-oxidant can help you keep safe from UV rays while improving your overall immunity. 

One glass a day is enough to benefit from the goodness of lemon. Not to forget, you can add some mint leaves, cucumber slices, watermelon cubes, and more, to enhance its flavor. 

Kombucha As Morning Drink

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Kombucha is relatively new in the market and steadily taking up the health-drinks aisle by storm. 

This is fermented black tea, with added yeast, sugar, and good bacteria. 

And after the drink completes fermentation, you will find several beneficial additives such as probiotics, antioxidants, and more!

While kombucha is a favorite among fitness freaks and health cafes, you can also try out some at home. 

Of course, it is always recommended to get pre-fermented kombucha, as first-time at-home fermentation can cause contamination. 


Smoothies Athelio

As we know, everything about smoothies is exciting! A tall glass of chill, frothy fruit drink can surely wake a sleepy soul. 

The best part, you can also add various veggies to your smoothie drinks. Meaning, you can change up your smoothie recipe every day, by substituting and adding a few ingredients. 

For example, a banana and ginger green smoothie for Monday, before a nice glass of mixed-berry for Tuesday, is always a delicious change.

So, what is your morning drink idea for today? Do let us know about your favorite sips!

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