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The things we do to get toned abs. To think I had to be told to reduce crunch counts and not ‘over exercise’.
Crazy, right?!

But there are some mistakes we often make due to a lack of knowledge about our workout regimes. Well, it is never too late to rectify our errors. Let’s fast forward to the minute mistakes.

1. Cut some slack on strict diets

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Yes, it is quite important to have a strict code of healthy food. But trust me, on the 10th-day lunch of grilled broccoli and fish, you’d want something different.
Cut some slack. This does not mean gorge on junks but suggests to changes up your meals per 2-3 days. Add different meals to keep your expectations spiced up.

2. Avoid Daily Abdominal Workouts

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All parts of our bodies require an optimum amount of rest. Muscles go through severe wear and tear after weight-lifting regimes and would need a maximum of 24 hours for the tissues to heal. Similarly, the abdomen also requires some rest. Crunches and other abs workouts daily can harm it more than letting you gain.

3. Change Routine After A Month

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Our system can adapt to any changes and work along, as nerve-wracking as it can be. Similarly, if you keep your abdomen exercises the same for all eternity, the body will take it as a daily movement, slowing down the shred. Change up after 4-5 months. Ask your trainer for more tips and tricks.

4. ‘The Holy 100 Crunches’ is Just a Scam

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Seriously, whoever thought the 100 crunches challenge was any good an idea. Crunches can help with a flatter stomach, but we need to focus on our lower abdomen, waist, love handles and a lot more. Target all parts of your lower body and choose effective workouts.


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