Mistakes In Drinking Water Athelio Com

Water is everything. Our daily lives will not even be close to functioning properly had we not gulped down some water most often. It keeps us alive, that is the most we have to keep in mind when it comes to the benefits.

But even the most helpful of our daily needs can be used carelessly, leading to it causing more problems than it should solve.

Let us look through the common mistakes we do while drinking water.

1. Drinking Chilled Water

Cold Water Athelio Com

Chilled water right out of the fridge after a long day in the sun and traffic might be just what you need. But just not what your health craves. Drinking iced or chilled water can contract your blood vessels. It also makes it quite hard to break the fat from the food, disrupting proper digestion. Col water is also known to aggravate joint pains. Try having water at room temperature or store in a shady area so it remains a little cool before consumption.

2. Taking Huge Gulps of Water

We are mostly in a hurry. And since most of us only drink when near-parched, gulping it down in faced-paced and intense shots is our way to go. But what if we tell you you were doing the body more harm. Our saliva is alkaline in nature that, when mixed well with water, travels to the stomach whose acidic nature, it nullifies.

But as we quickly take few gulps, the saliva doesn’t mix well, thereby making digestion and acidity, common problems to be faced after meals. Sip it from glass or just big-mouthed bottles for safer results.

3. Drinking Excessive Amounts of Water

Too Much Water Athelio Com

Yes, our mothers might be a tad bit wrong. We cannot just drink our problems away, well, not with excessive water. There needs a balance in all things. Excessive intake of water can dilute the sodium and other electrolytes in the system, causing water retention in the cells that lead to swelling. Best is to drink adequate amounts in ne day to keep yourself feel refreshed and well-balanced.

4. Drinking Water while Standing

Our meals, chatting and drinking are always on-the-go. But drinking while we stand can make it pass through the body as the kidneys do not absorb it well. While we stand, our muscles are nerves are not relaxed as we are practically balancing ourselves on two feet. This makes it hard for the nerves to absorb the fluid into the system.

5. Improper Time of Drinking

Drink In Right Time Athelio Com

Even if commonly-said last thing to consume after a meal is dessert, we always clean off our palate with some water. But drinking after a meal might be quite improper for our digestive system.  After eating a warm meal, the body also heats up, making it easier for the digestive juices to break the food down easily.

The moment we wash it down with water, the gastric juices are diluted, making the food digestion a slow process, even leaving behind food in the system to stale over. This is why you may face acidity, bloating and gas after a heavy meal.

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