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Menstrual cramps can be the worst pain you can feel during your periods. While some do not feel this pain, the ones who experience can feel its wrath. 

So do menstrual cramps occur? During your period, the uterus lining sheds off with the help of it contracting. Now, this contraction is due to prostaglandins, a Hormone-like component which also causes cramp pain. 

So is there any way to reduce it at home? Absolutely!


Use Essential Oils When Bathing

menstrual cramps essential oils

Essential oils are therapeutic and can help relieve an array of body aches. Moreover, these are the best solutions to therapeutically relieving period cramps. 

All you have to do is infuse a few drops of essential oils into your bathwater. You can either bathe or soak yourself for a few minutes. 

You can use rose, sage, lavender, or even citrus essential oils for a good 15 minutes soak. 


Get Yourself Some Heat Patches

menstrual cramps Heatpatch Athelio

Your abdominal muscles can tighten up, worsening the cramp. They are also the reason for the cramps hence healing them is the priority. 

While drug store ache capsules act wonders, they might not be the most healthy dosage. Instead, you can opt for healing heat patches. 

Heat patches are always available at medical stores and can be affordable. 

Of course, you can always opt for hot water bags that are equally beneficial. 


Drink Water Every Hour

menstrual cramps Waterbottle Athelio

Make sure that you drink at least one small glass of water every hour. Small glasses help you stay hydrated at a steadier pace.

Drinking water during your period can help relieve the menstrual cramp aches as they are soothing to the system. 

If you can drink up to 7-8 glasses of water every day, your period cramps shall feel less painful. 


Stay Away from Junk Foods

menstrual cramps Saltyjunk Athelio

While menstruation can make you feel hungrier and moodier, it is best to stay away from fried and salted junk food. 

Both fried food and excess salt can cause bloating and even encourage the ache to worsen.

But there are always substitutes. You can try dark chocolate for dessert cravings and healthy snacks for hunger pangs. 

So what shall be your way to reduce menstrual cramps this month? Do let us know!

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