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Our minds require ease and calm during this lockdown confinement. More so as our work and personal lives need a balance, which only we can create. And the answer to this is meditation. As meditation requires proper learning, today we shall discuss some meditation platforms which are best for beginners. Moreover, these apps are suitable for both Android and iOS phones. 

Meditation can de-stress our bodies, calm our minds, improve sleep quality, all of which leads to increased productivity. And when your mind is at rest, you can better schedule your work, to add in more free-time, and let your mind and soul rest. 

MindTastik Meditation

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source: https://mindtastik.com/

The MindTastik Meditation app can help you with various deep-seated issues such as abuse, trauma, anxiety, and insomnia. With its wide range of for beginners and practiced individuals, MindTastik Meditation can help with guided meditations, soothing sounds, and powerful sessions. 

Moreover, MindTastik Meditation is all about coming in terms with your repressed emotions. With practice, you get to have an insight into your fears and find their solutions through a positive mindset. 

And you shall find the app in both the Android Play Store and iOS Store online. 



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source: https://www.kindpng.com/imgv/iihRbmT_download-inscape-meditation-app-inscape-meditation-sleep-hd/

The Inscape meditation app is all about self-care. With audio-guided meditation sessions, you can achieve proper sleep schedules, bad-mood busters, panic control, and more. 

Additionally, Inscape’s design allows you to meditate anywhere, and at any time. Here, you have the control of setting your meditation timer and select the sessions that suit your needs. 

And that is not all, as with Inscape you can help a friend heal by sharing your account. Moreover, both can receive free premium benefits on a paid subscription. 

Inscape can help you and your loved ones, heal together. 


Black Lotus

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source: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rt.pinprickeffect.meditation&hl=en_US

Black Lotus meditation app is an all-in-one guided platform, where you can meditate, self-heal, and try reaching spiritual peace. 

The app provides music-based mediation to relax, chanting meditation to heal stress, and sessions to improve concentration. 

You can also contribute your self-healding journey as short stories, podcasts, and listen to other user-contributed content to meditate better. 

What are your favorite meditation platforms to use for meditation? Do share it with us!

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