When you’re considering getting a full body workout, then one such regime can be of Martial Arts. We all know that it is a very popular form of full body workout not only physically but it imparts you power for mental health also. Well obviously, those who want to make their workouts a little more interesting than running on treadmills and lifting weights can opt for this.

A full body workout with martial arts

You engage all your muscles while you are practicing with martial arts. While boxing, a strong emphasis is placed on your legs that generate power through your entire body. Also you can choose from a variety of martial arts like karate, kung-fu, wrestling or judo.

Health benefits it offers

• It is a high aerobic workout working on your stamina, muscle tone, flexibility , balance and strength
• A total of 500 calories is burned in one session of tough exercising aiding in weight loss
• You get to achieve mental satisfaction and self confidence. You actually try to step out of your comfort zone.
• Your heart rate is paced which improves your cardiovascular health
• It improves your reflexes and you achieve a higher reaction time
• It nourishes you with great morals and values of patience, calmness and right virtues
• It tones your muscles preventing from obesity

A workout plan for beginners

If you haven’t practiced martial arts before and you wish to start now, here is a workout plan for you beginners.
• Side lunges- 20 sets
• Squats-20 sets
• Sidekicks- 20 sets
• Knee strike, step forward, turning kick and side kick- 20 combos
• Calf raises- 20 sets
• Squats-20 sets
• Side leg raises- 20 sets

Start with 3 sets for LEVEL 1, 5 sets for LEVEL 2 and 7 sets for LEVEL 3. Rest in between for 2 minutes before transitioning into next exercise.

Although it is a tough form of workout, not easy and full of injuries but if you wish to learn martial arts you can get enrolled into any of its classes. This self defense technique would help you to safeguard yourself in time of needs. And let’s face it what’s easy is not fun.

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