Make Your Boring Meal Tasty Athelio

Well humans have a peculiar taste, some like weird combinations that make everyone go disgusted and other food combinations are all good not only in their taste but their effect on our body also. We do not realize but the kind of food combinations we consume actually have a lot of effect on your body, some can aid in weight loss too ad some can deter all our hard work.

While fitness enthusiasts know what to eat and when to do, but they are not quite sure of the food combinations they eat. So here are some good food combinations that will not only bless you with the delightful taste but they will also have a great effect on your system.

Nuts and oatmeal

Nuts And Oatmeal Athelio

There is no ill saying in the kind of benefits these foods have individually but they also are a great combination. People who are struggling to maintain their weight and blood sugar levels too, trying to lose some weight, combining their meal with a a high starchy whole grains rich in both fiber and proteins is exactly what you need. You can either toss some handful almonds in your breakfast cereal of oatmeal or you can cook your oatmeal in a almond butter instead.

Virgin Olive oil and tomatoes

 Basil Olive Oil Healthy Eat Tomatoes athelio

Tomato contains a powerful antioxidant, lycopene that is known to suppress tumor growth and prevent cancer too, so cooking some of your fresh tomatoes in virgin olive oil seems like the best way to enjoy a delicious meal.

Avocados and Green Salad

Avocado Fruits Radicchio Salad Nuts Berries Fruit athelio

Green leafy vegetables contain high quantities of vitamin K a powerful vitamin known for accelerating blood clotting after injury. Now these vitamins are fat soluble that means that your body cannot absorb them until you eat them with some fat. So include such good fats in the form of avocados or cook your salad in avocado oil.

Beans and Bell peppers

Beans And Bell Peppers Athelio

Our body requires iron and so its absorption forms a favorable task to do. If you want to increase your iron absorption adds lemon juice to spinach because vitamin C helps in fast iron absorption. The same fact goes for cooking bell peppers with beans.

Salmon and Broccoli

Salmon And Broccoli Athelio

Calcium is very important for our body in order to maintain strong bones and teeth and also for improving the function of your heart. So the best way to absorb more calcium is by adding some vitamin D rich foods to your meal. The same concept is followed for adding salmon which is rich in vitamin D to broccoli or other dark leafy vegetables.

What matters is not your menu for your meal but the quality and amount of your meal. Supplement them with great food combinations to have a replenishing meal.

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