We often read a lot about ways of losing weight. But, there is a set of species that struggle to gain weight. You must admit that gaining weight in a healthy way is an equally challenging task so as to lose it.

You’ll have to understand that losing/gaining weight is almost 90% appropriate diet and 20% physical activity (to make it healthier in case of gain). It’s simple mathematics – “You need to eat more calories than you burn in whole day to gain weight.” You can check the calorie content of various foods here.

We have compiled a list of 11 foods that are rich in calorie and can help you gain weight:

Full Cream Milk instead of skimmed/toned milk

Milk is a super-food for every purpose. Wether you are looking to lose weight or gain it, you must include milk in your diet. 250ml Full cream milk contains almost 150 calories and 8gm fats.

A glass of milk is packed with proteins, good fat, calcium and vitamins like vitamin A & D.

Whole Wheat Bread instead of brown bread

Whole wheat bread contains more amount of calories, fibre and essential nutrients than normal white bread that makes it a great choice for breakfast.

A slice of whole wheat bread contains around ___ calories. Its high fibre content keeps you full for longer period and is an amazing way to gain weight.

Go for Butter or Ghee

Ghee or butter contains fats and is high in calorie. Start applying ghee or butter on your breads/chapatis to increase its intake. You can also try roasting calorie rich nuts like almonds, cashews in butter and snack them with a glass of milk for that extra dose of calorie.

However, since butter contains saturated fat, you must keep a check on its intake.

Make Nuts your new snack

Nuts are again rich in good fats, fibre and nutrients. They make a good option for snacks in between meals. They could be a good choice for both weight gain as well as loss. You can also add nuts to your shakes/smoothies and other dishes.

Potatoes can make you potato

Potato is one of the most easily available and cheapest source of carbohydrate. Not only this, its a good source of vitamin, fibre and other nutrient.

You can eat boiled potato with its skin intact to avoid losing some essential nutrients. Its a staple food that goes well with any vegetable, you can make sandwiches or eat spicy mashed potatoes.

Try Red Meat instead of other lean meats

If you are a non-vegetarian, red meat is a wonderful option to gain weight. It is rich in protein, iron and cholesterol and is a great way to bulk up. It is one of the best natural source of creatine which makes it a perfect choice to build muscles and gain weight.

You can consider including cuts that are rich in fat like ribs, t-bone in your diet. Unlike other meats, red meat is a fatty meat that helps in gaining weight fast.

Avocados are a Must

Unlike other fruits, avocados are dense in calorie and fat. One avocado contains 300+ calories. Its is rich in fat, fibre, vitamins and minerals. You can either eat an avocado alone or add it in your salads, sandwiches or omelettes.

Eat Dark Chocolate without Any Guilt

Yes, you can guilt-free eat that tempting dark chocolate after knowing that not only it is rich in calories but it contains antioxidants and minerals too.

A 100 gram dark chocolate contains almost 600 calories.

However, you should go for the one that has more than 70% cocoa content.


Cheese has been an integral part of diet in various part of the world for centuries. There’s a reason behind it. It has high content of fat and protein. It is capable of turning any dish into mouth watering delicacy instantly.

Salmons and Fatty Sea food

Salmons and as a matter of fact, most of the fishes are a good source of omega-3 fats and protein. 100 gm of salmon has almost 200 calories and contains around 20g protein.

Apart from this, fishes are good for your skin as well as hair. Salmons are one of the best option to gain weight as well as build muscle.

High fat yogurt with Dried fruits

Yogurts are one of the best source for protein as well as carbohydrates (read calories, lots of calories!). Combine it with your favorite dried or fresh fruit, nuts, honey, peanut butter or add it into any smoothie to give you a tasty, healthy calorie boost. It is one of the best pre-workout food as well.

You must understand, you can gain weight by eating junk foods and soda/carbonated drinks also but its not a healthy way. You should go for healthy sources of calories to gain weight for overall benefits. As you could see, you can try experimenting with various combinations of above mentioned choices to gain weight. Also, try to include some workouts so as to get a lean, muscular build.

Eat right, Stay healthy!

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