There are essentially two types of people in this world – one, who can get up and fetch things for themselves and second, who wait for the others to get up and get their work done.

Dear reader, if you are somebody from the first category, you have already cleared your first milestone towards being fit and I salute you. Now, my dear couch potatoes from the second type, take heart!

Well, I have no medicine for your laziness. But, if this laziness is blocking your otherwise enthusiastic march to your destined gym, wait up because I might just have the best plan for you.

Here are some of the easiest and most effective exercises and habits for you to shape up yourself

Start with little cheats

Cheat your lazy self. Before the beast inside you can even register, that you are about to hustle up, start doing it. Simple.

Netflix or TV lover?

Get up and exercise with the commercials, between the breaks. Or maybe, when you leave your apartment jog for just one song. It will take hardly 3-4 minutes, but will soon build your momentum for your soon to be started fitness marathon

Keep them far

Start keeping things out of your reach. You will have to get up in the end when you absolutely need it.

Walk when you can

Start parking away from your block, and walk the rest of the distance. Also if you travel by public transport (bus or taxies), get off one stop before your destination.

Skip the elevator

No surprise here, just abandon the elevator.

Make living room your gym

Start doing simple exercises like squats, planks, pushups whenever you get time at your home. It won’t take much of your time and will energise you for the whole day.

Remember, every big thing starts small. Once you are comfortable with these quick workout hacks, you can easily level up your game to the next level.

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