All Slide Ab Craver Pro Athelio

We have tried all, and most worked, best diets, juice cleansing, about a few score of crunches. But there always seems to be something missing, a gap, something that needs to ‘drive’ us forward.

Well think no more as we have found a perfect solution to your needs. The Perfect Fitness Ab-Carver.

If your goal has been flat washboard toned abs, this little sweet deal will provide you exactly that within a few minutes of daily workout with the equipment.

The Perfect Ab Carver Athelio Com

This tiny monster wheel in invented and shared forth by the US Navy Seal to get your fitted and ripped with just a few reps per day. This lets your abdomen and sides feel the heat with just a few pushes and pulls, letting you know it is working big time on those unwanted flab.

Here’s how the carver works :

1. Kinetic Engine

These are turbo charge carbon steel spring wheels that smoothly pushes out with the help of your arms and springs back in place. No problem of hinging in the middle or breakage, helping in a smooth and high intensity ab workout.

2. Rubber Tires and Perfect Grip

Perfect Grip Athelio Com

The rubber tires plus your unbeatable core strength, keeps a stable balance while running the wheel front and pulling back. Best part? This works on all surfaces, being it wooden floors or even thick rugged carpets! The grips are edge-free, rubber and non-slippery, making them comfortable to hold and work on, giving you that dream abs you always wished for!

3. Wide Wheels for All-Side Movement


All Slide Ab Craver Pro Athelio

Just front carving getting boring, do it on all sides. A perfect abdomen is best featured with a toned waist and chiseled shoulder. Push through the left and right, putting pressure on your sides and all parts of the abdomen. This is an all-round equipment, burning the extra fat storage of your oblique, biceps and chest as well. The little push to the sides provides perfect toning of your arms as well as brings attention to all parts of your stomach.

4. Knee-Pad Foams

Product Feaures Athelio Com

Since you’ll be doing the most on your knees, give them a little comfort with the thick foamed knee-pads, to provide a safe and cushion-y feel while you work those abs. Comes free with the whole package.

Got hooked, well look no further and head on to buy the new Perfect Fitness Ab-Carver Pro for a new and sculpted you!

Image source : abcarverpro.com

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