Keto Diet Athelio Com

Not all diets suited me. Limitations are not my thing. Did I go back to junks? of course not. When there is will, there is a way. In the case of Keto diets, most of my favorite food and meals are welcome. Here is how I substitute my meals.


Keto Meat Athelio Com

– Pork Chops
– Bacon on multigrain toast for breakfast
– Grilled Salmon
– Eggs Benedict
– Grilled chicken and veggies


Keto Flour Athelio Com

– Almond Flour for cookies
– Coconut Flour for pancake
– Chia flour for vegan bread


Keto Strawberry Athelio Com

– Lemon and honey fizz
– Strawberry smoothie
– Blueberry pops
– Avocado on toast


Cheese Athelio Com

– Cheddar Cheese
– Parmesan
– Heavy Cream
– Greek Yogurt

Snacks (nuts)

Keto Nuts Athelio Com

– Hazel Nuts
– Brazilian nuts
– Pecan nuts
– Macadamia nuts


Coffee Athelio Com

– Green Tea
– Almond Milk
– Coffee

These make the keto diet, so much flexible for everyone’s taste buds.

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