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Your feet demands care as it comes in contact with dirt and dust every day. Neglected feet can affect our posture, cause backache, numbness and serious foot problems. Maintaining a healthy foot care regime impacts our well being, reduces fatigue and its benefits last a lifetime.

Follow these simple tricks and give your feet a baby-soft feel!

1) Keep your feet clean

Start with the basics – wash your feet thoroughly with soap and water for around 10 minutes to avoid developing dry/rough heels, infections and other unpleasant problems. Hydrate your feet –give them warm salt water soaks from time to time – to ease discomfort and reduce burning sensation. This aids in killing bacteria, exfoliates dead skin and removes tiredness.

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To prevent odor-causing bacteria add two brewed tea to the soak as it maintain skin’s pH level. Clean your toes and nails with a brush while taking bath.

Remember to dry your feet thoroughly as germs thrive in damp environments. For a special treat – add a few drops of essential oils – tea tree oil or lavender oil – in warm water and enjoy a soothing and luxurious footbath. You can even treat yourself to a luxurious footbath at a spa.

2) Scrub and Moisturize the Feet

Exfoliation can swiftly eliminate dead skin and prevent infection. Remove dry callused skin by gently rubbing the rough dead skin with a good scrub and wet pumice stone when the skin is damp. Ensure moisture doesn’t get trapped between the toes. Apply a foot cream, coconut oil or glycerin as it has healing properties and put on a pair of cotton socks before you go off to sleep, for supple and soft feet in the morning.

You can opt for foot creams which have coconut oil or Vitamin E as a key ingredient as it helps cure dryness. You can also add geranium oil and tea tree oil to your foot cream as they are enriched with bacteria diminishing properties. Massaging your feet with warm olive oil by using your thumbs in circular motion promotes blood circulation, relieves pain and helps reducing tiredness.

Honey and lemon juice helps lighten dark skin as lemon is a natural bleaching agent – wash it off with cold water. Cucumber or potato juice works wonders on your feet in removing sun tan.

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3)Trim Your Nails

Clean and trim toenails with nail clippers preferably soon after shower when the nails are softer. Be cautious not to cut on the corner or on the side of the nails as this can cause painful ingrown toenails. Never cut your nails shorter than the end of your toe.

Trimming and filing toe nails keeps dust and dirt from clogging and keeps the feet clean and healthy. Avoid using scissors. Never cut your cuticles instead apply some cuticle oil to your toenails and then push the cuticles back, softly.

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4) Remove Your Polish

Every woman desires beautiful nails; however, wearing nail polish for a long time tends to wear down the nails and cause yellow nails as the colorful, shiny liquid contains chemicals. Remove all traces of old coat completely and buff your nails before the next coat.

Allow your nails to breathe at least for an hour before reapplying nail polish. Using a base coat before applying nail polish can help prevent discoloration of nails to an extent.

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5) Let your feet breathe

Press pause! Give your feet enough rest. Never ignore foot pain.

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6) Chose the proper footwear

Go for comfort over aesthetics. Wear well-fitted, comfortable and breathable shoes to prevent skin irritation and feet pain. High heel are definitely stylish, but can cause serious back problems. Obviously, you don’t have to rule out high heels altogether, as you can put a time limit on wearing them. Avoid tight footwear as it will decrease blood flow. Ditch worn out shoes. Wear cotton/ woolen socks instead of synthetic materials. Dry your shoes out as damp feet, socks and shoes cause skin-related problems.

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Feet that is well cared for, look healthy and beautiful. Invest a few minutes each day in basic foot care regime and own ultra-soft and naturally beautiful feet. Keep your feet happy and tip top!

Guest Article By : Nabanita Mukherjee

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