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The Japanese way of longevity has no magic potions. Instead, it is all about staying fit, healthy, and happy. 

Whenever we see images of Japan, the first thing to notice would be the cleanliness, a plethora of healthy dishes, good habits, and timely chores. 

And as these are more encouraged, than dictated, the Japanese population thrives through healthy diets, enjoyment, and longer lives. 

So, what is their secret? Let us find out!


Cleaner Food Habits

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While you might feel that your diet is working, sometimes all components are not healthy. Or at least not in the amount your add-in. 

Let us take the example of salt. Salt adds flavor to food. So we love sprinkling nice helping. However, too much can increase our blood pressure. 

The Japanese hence, made sure to reduce salt content in their food, adding in flavors from various other sources (spices, veggies, and more).

Moreover, Japanese households thrive on healthy seafood and veggie dishes for their meals. These are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, iron, vitamins, and various other minerals. Each of these nutrients is beneficial in improving immunity. And good immunity can add more days to your life as the body can combat various diseases that affect our overall health.

Some of these healthy meals would be:

-steamed edamame.
-steamed dumplings.
-ramen with seaweed, daikon
– Sushi with fatty fish, rice, veggies, and roasted seaweed.

And more.

Hence, the Japanese population can reduce blood pressure and retain their heart health during their senior years. 

Practice ikigai

Ikigai is the practice to living, breathing, and enjoying the present. Our lives surround the general practice of being in a hurry. If you think about it, we eat, work, bathe, and even enjoy moments in a hurry. And this can lead to a stressful life every day.

Stress affects our minds, our bodies, and most importantly, it makes us deter from what we love the most, living. And by living, we mean living with joy, and appreciation.

And Ikigai encourages appreciating what we have at present. Be it a fresh glass of water when we are thirsty, our loved one’s smiles when they like their clothes, to even how green the leaves are around us.

When we pause and appreciate what we have, the little things around us, we can feel the urge to live longer and experience these every day.

And this notion can work as a drive-force in helping us maintain a healthier schedule for ourselves.

Keep an Active Schedule

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When we think of activities, it is different from the Japanese way of longevity. 

In fact in Japan, you will seldom see people taking the car to their schools, colleges, or work. At most, there are trains and buses for transportation. 

Japanese people utilize walking to their destination, thus staying active and at pace throughout the day.

Not only is this useful for the digestive system, but also retaining whole-body flexibility.

Walking can also help in reflecting on problems, discuss with your friends who are by you. Moreover, walking and public transports in Japan fare more popular means of mobility, over cars. And this can be due to the number of exercises and hurdles that the body takes on per day.

All in all, Japanese Longevity is about loving yourself and what you have in present. As living in the present is what helps us move forward into the future.

So what is your method of living longer, do share them with us!

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