Each one of us has been into a situation, at least once when you feel sick, tired or just off and your doctor advises you to get some tests done. However, to your surprise all your blood test reports come back normal while you are struggling with something that seem to be a “hormonal imbalance”. Here are few symptoms and their possible reasons why you may be getting normal results:

Symptom: Mrs A has sleepless nights. Also, she feels her legs muscles stretchy.

Reason: Mrs A might have a deficiency of potassium in her body. Both the symptoms can be cured naturally by consuming either of banana, coconut water, beet root or water melon.

Symptom: Miss B is planning for a vacation at a cold destination. But she is already frustrated by her excessive dry skin.

Reason: Mrs. B might be suffering from vitamin E deficiency. She should eat spinach, almonds. It has been noticed that those who weights less than 3.5 lbs at birth have a high possibility to develop vitamin E deficiency.

Symptom: ‌Mr C craves too much for ice cream or any cold stuff. He never craved so much. But in summers, he does.

Reason: Too much craving for any cold food item might be a symptom of deficiency in iron. He should include lady finger(okra), spinach, raisins, sprouted grams in his diet to overcome the deficiency.

‌Symptom: Mrs D spends a lot of time in availing herself some sweets. She says that she desires sweets so badly that she leaves her work and buy it.

Reason: she should get her sugar level tested. She might be suffering from low blood sugar or hypoglycemia. This can happen due to intake of medicines that increase sugar level in body, skipping meals or exercising more than usual.   

Symptom: Miss E feels that the food she eats has excessive salt in taste whereas her mother feels to add some extra salt.

Reason: If the salt added is in normal quantity. There is a possibility that Miss E who feels salt is excessive in taste might have low blood pressure whereas her mother who feels salt less in taste, might have a high blood pressure.

When we struggle with such imbalances which are not diagnosed with labs and routine doctor visits, it usually gets frustrating. However, a careful tweak in your diet and lifestyle could be a solution to your problem.

If you have ever dealt with any such issue or would like to add any solution to this list, let us know in the comments section below.

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