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An SLS-free shampoo brand can be beneficial for your hair in the long run. SLS or sodium sulfate is added in shampoos to create foam, but the chemicals are not human friendly. Sodium sulfate-free shampoos contain lesser substances to create the foam. 

Sometimes, we believe that this foam is helping in cleaning our scalps. However, the foam can also dry out the scalp, making it itchy, weakening it in the long run. 

Instead, SLS-free shampoos can benefit the scalp, as well as the hair. While these might not have a lot of foam (due to the absence of SLS), they can make your strands feel soft, smooth, and healthy!

So what are the other vital benefits of SLS-free shampoos? Let us find out:

SLS-Free Shampoos Can Retain Hair Color

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When you color your hair, it is a suggestion to reduce the frequency of shampoo sessions. And this is as SLS shampoos can be harsh on colored strands, thinning the color with every wash. 

However, with SLS-free variants, you can maintain your shampooing schedules without the fear of dulling out your favorite hair color. 

These Shampoos Fit All Hair Types

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If you are someone with curls, you might relate to the challenge of finding the perfect shampoo. Most shampoos can frizz out curls, weakening the strands with every wash.

Instead, try out SLS-free wash options. These can help strengthen your roots, and also retain the lustrous curls. 

So be it wavy, curly, coiled, or straight, with SLS-free variants, there is an option for everyone. 

Your Hair will Feel More Hydrated

SLS-free-shampoo-Shampoo Athelio

Have you ever had your scalp feel more itchy and dry after wash-sessions? SLS shampoos can dry out the head, weakening the roots. And this can, of course, result in weaker strands and split ends. 

Fortunately, an SLS-free shampoo can add moisture to your follicle roots, strengthening them, and even adding a glossy finish to your hair. 

SLS-Shampoos are Environment-Friendly

The lack of SLS or sodium sulfate makes these shampoos environmentally friendly. You do not have to think about adding more harmful chemicals into the water. 

So are you ready to change your hair-wash habits for a more healthy option? Do let us know about your experience with SLS-free shampoos!

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