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Yes, it is. A plant-based diet to control weight is perfect as it reduces calorie intake and substitutes proper fiber in its place.

And fiber is great in helping to fill up your appetite, without the excess oils and calories.  

And as you might know meat, cheese and fish are packed with calories and a significant amount of unhealthy fats, which contributes to a steady gain of extra pounds. 

For example, a plate of fish curry will have more calories than that of a bowl of beans and potatoes. 

This is as the fish contains fat, while beans and potatoes have substantial carbohydrate contents. 

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So, if you wish to overhaul your daily meals for a plant-based diet to lose weight, you can try following these little tips for 3 weeks. 

Reduce Oil Consumption

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According to Micaela Karlsen, Ph.D., MSPH, founder of SustainableDiet.com, “Oil is the most calorie-dense food by volume.”

A cup of oil would have around 2000 calories. Now, if you think about your daily consumption, most of the meals have oil as the cooking medium. 

Of course, you can substitute these for meals which require a lesser amount of oil for cooking. 

For example, brown rice, pulses, vegetables, and oatmeal, and nutrient-rich food ingredients which can help to create power-packed dishes for your daily intake.


Add More Fruits and Veggies to Daily Snacks

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Let us face it, we love crunchy bites, and we love snacking. However, chips, candied fruits, and biscuits can have tonnes of calories. 

Moreover, these are dense in oil and sugar, none of which are healthy for our bodies. 

Instead, you can go for fresh fruits such as: 

  • Apples.
  • Bananas.
  • Peaches.
  • Kiwis.
  • Grapes. 

And yes, veggies can be snacks too. You can look to online shops, to snack on delicacies like: 

  • BBQ beetroot chips.
  • Ragi sticks. 
  • Flavored foxnuts. 
  • Nutty trail mix, and more!

Maintain a Steady and Active Schedule

Our bodies require small chores to keep the digestive system, active. 

Did you know that washing and folding fresh clothes after laundry can help you lose 148 calories per hour

That is right! You can burn some good amount of calories from doing daily household chores, such as making the bed, dusting, scrubbing the washrooms, and more!

Doing so also helps the body release, and work with the nutrients from your plant-based meals. 

What are your favorite plant-based food choices? Don’t forget to share!

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