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If you wish to exercise during menstrual cycles, it is possible. All you need to do is learn about your menstrual cycle. It differs for all.

For many, the menstrual cycle is varying in terms of the intensity of symptoms, blood flow as well as, period duration. There are multiple training schedules and programs bases on how individuals perform during their menstruation. And with the help of cycle tracker apps online, research shows that workouts during menstruation are not for everyone. However, due to a lack of research resources, the results can be at times incomplete. 


How Does a General Menstrual Cycle Function


The general menstrual cycle is of 120 days. You can divide it into two halves for more clarity. They are follicular and luteal which are two sides of the ovulation. There is:

  • Early follicular period (Day 1 to Day 5)
  • Late follicular period (Day 6 to Day 12)
  • Mid-luteal Period (Day 20 to Day 23)

You can check how your body functions during these schedules and assess your exercising capabilities during a menstruation cycle. 


Does Yoga Help with Healing Menstrual Cramps


The worst enemy during a menstrual period would be cramps. Pre- and post-menstrual cramps are notorious for raising the excruciating pains in your stomach, the breasts, joints, etc. Additionally, they also lead to joint aches. The solution would be to try light yoga and meditations daily, or for the first 3 days of the period. Doing so can help offset the symptoms and alleviate the pain in no time. 


Utilize the Estrogen Hormone


You can improve your training solely by utilizing your boosted estrogen hormone level during menstruation. The late follicular and mid-luteal periods are when your body has higher estrogen levels. Estrogen helps in muscle recovery, activates our muscles, as well as improves mood swings. Your muscles can feel more relaxed due to estrogen’s ability to fight off inflammation. Hence, soreness-less exercise during menstrual cycles is possible with boosted estrogen levels.

Keep an Eye on Injury Risks


The one downside of boosted estrogen levels would be the rise in injury risks. A study suggests that the late follicular phase is when you have higher chances of muscle injuries as your estrogen level spikes. Hence, keep your eyes open for workout-related injuries during this phase. You can also reduce your exercise intensities to negate the risk altogether. 


Can Period Make me Lose Fat?


It is possible, yes. During the end of your cycle or the late mid-luteal period, your body might utilize carbohydrates as a source of energy. By doing so, it uses the carbs as a fule to workout. Meaning, higher estrogen levels can help you shed off excess fat from the body. Moreover, you can also benefit from boosted metabolism during this phase. Of course, make sure to not have high-carb food for HIIT training during your second phase. The result can be that your body can store the excess fat instead of burning it. 

In conclusion, if you wish to exercise during menstrual cycles, keep a track of how your body functions. By doing so, you can choose the workout routine effective in reducing your menstrual hassles and stay healthy. 

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