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Tis the time of the year! With Christmas and New Year around the corner, we are all set to embrace the next year 2021 with all-new inspiration. Situations like coronavirus have given us the necessary lessons of being aware of our health. Not only this, but we have also understood the importance of being as strong as a community for unprecedented circumstances. As the end of the year approaches, it’s also the time to contemplate the past and the future.

So here are a set of questions that can help bring clarity on the past events, set you out on afresh goals, and imbibe you with the right energy as the new year unfolds.

What are my goals for 2021?

Inspiration Goals Athelio

Buying that new house, creating a routine, or raising your spiritual awareness. It’s a well-known fact that setting out long- and short-term goals, give inspiration and clarity to life. The end of the year is the perfect time to evaluate and channelize your efforts. You can further divide what you want to achieve into the following aspects: –

Personal Goals

Taking up a new hobby, reading the best sellers of 2020, taking up a new health challenge, or overcoming any one habit that is retrograding for your lifestyle.

Professional Goals

Learning new technology, following more disciplined work hours, or asking and working out for the next position or organization.

Social Goals

Volunteering for weekends, caring for the environment, starting any social project for catering any social issue around you.

Financial Goals

The amount you want to save the coming year, planning your assets and liabilities.

Inspiration Goal Timeline Athelio

What I could have done better in 2020?

Deliberating over the past, in a way that helps you study the grey areas, is important. As the year ends, analyzing your decisions, lifestyle and effort set the right mindset. This information can be used to carve your goals and give inspiration for the next year. You can map your progress with the goals you might have set for this year. Learning from the past is important to shape your future. Take advantage of this time to deliberate on what could have been done better, take that learning and gear on for the coming times.


Am I evolved from what I was last year?

Inspiration Athelio Evolved

As time passes by, we evolve with every given situation. The most important learning that Covid-19 has given to all of this in the year 2020 is that challenges are not restricted by any boundaries. The only that matters is how prepared we are to handle such situations. There is a very fine line between reaction and response. “Being evolved” can help you responding to any circumstance rather than responding.

Incorporate Humor in your life

Do not take things too seriously. We walk on this planet once and nothing is permanent. Keeping yourself and your surroundings cheerful can bring a tremendous difference in your life.


There is huge science around meditation on the internet but it’s as simple as just sitting down for five minutes and doing nothing. “Focus on the air” going inside and coming outside of you. It’s a great way to connect with yourself.

Be Grateful

Express gratitude because the things you have might be a luxury for others. This can help you deal with any challenge or problems from a different perspective.

Did I contribute to the environment or society in any possible way?

Inspiration Athelio Nature

We cannot shelf the fact that melting glaciers, climate change, and oceans filled with plastic is for real. Covid-19 exposed the fragility of our preparedness for pandemics. We need to uplift socially ridden people, educate children, and care for the environment. This time of the year is the time of festivals and lights. This needs to be spread around in people’s lives. Our celebrations should have the right mindfulness towards our planet as well.

Did I introduce something “new” in my life?

Be it a new hobby, having read an interesting book, making that new friend or visiting that new city or country. We need to explore different arenas our life has to offer. This brings a fresh perspective and a new approach to our lives. This gives us the necessary inspiration for our goals. Asking this question widens our approach to amalgamate new ideas and openness towards adopting change.

Conclusively, it’s as the end of the year is near, let’s celebrate and contemplate at the same time. This helps us in carving our personalities. Makes us works towards achieving our goal with much-needed enthusiasm. Gives clarity and fresh perspective.

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