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Most often, we lose a tonne of weight from fever or illness that puts us to bed for weeks or even months. This weakens our immunity system to break the food’s nutrients or even protect us from any allergies or side-illnesses. Why don’t we use a beautiful blend of all cuisines to provide you with a robust Indian diet plan calorie-packed to gain healthy amounts of weight, right from ma’s kitchen?

While curing up, our body needs to get back on track. And for this, the required amount of calorie intake is of utmost importance. Most importantly, if you’re a veteran of the fitness world, chances are that in order to get back on track, putting on adequate weight is absolutely necessary for the strength and muscle training.

For all our Indian readers, the cuisines of the nation are vibrant, bursting with flavor, and send off the best aroma. There is no saying no the culinary heritage India holds proud and dear. If you’ve been a regular to strength and muscle training, here is a 2500 calories worth planned Indian diet plan of a day you can follow to be able to bounce back on the daily life schedules.

Fill-ins Before Hitting the Gym

It is important to activate our energy cycle before heading out for the gym. Keep a handful of almonds soaked in the night before to eat the morning after. This helps in gaining a sufficient amount of power in the body. Add 2 boiled egg-whites and a banana to the meal for the extra energy your body is about to use up for the fitness routine.

Indian Breakfast

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This is the heaviest and the most important meal of the day. Make sure never to skip breakfast. Vegetable or paneer paranthas with chutney are scrumptious, filling as well as healthy. Dosa, masala-filled or Saada(empty), is a very light and fluffy meal, which can be enjoyed with sambhar and coconut chutney. Both of these meals are about 600 calories strong.

Before Heading Out

Pop in a few handfuls of dry fruits Chikki worth 200 calories. This will keep you filled for a long period of time. A nice glass of thick and tasty Dahi lassi will have you feeling energized before heading out for a day of work.


Carry or order in a bowl of warm chicken soup. You can also have a mixed veggie with chapati, bread, or pulao. Remember to have a lot of vegetables in the meal as they provide a tonne of healthy minerals and vitamins. Change up your lunch planning daily to keep it interesting and adventurous. This will be giving you around 600 calories

Evening Snack

Give the body some oomph. Protein bars can be bought or made easily at home. munch on 2 bars every evening for the all-round nutrition and healthy weight gain. Add in a cup of black tea or coffee with honey. Protein bars containing fried nuts and fruits as not only are they healthy, but a blend of oats, nuts, and fruits will provide the body with 500 strong calories.

Dinner Indian Diet

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This meal is supposed to be filling and worked on by the system for breaking and digestion throughout the night. Make yourself some grilled chicken or any other protein, with a side of grilled vegetables and mashed potatoes. Add a few bread rolls. After an hour, drink a tall glass of fresh fruit juice.

Finish the day off with a bowl of Dahi with crushed granola and dry fruits.

These meals plus your daily workout regime will make sure you gain an adequate amount of weight to stay fit and healthy.


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