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We, in our childhood would completely detest all the healthy nutrients for the sake of more ‘colorful’ foods, not understanding that in fact, those vital nutrition are what helped us to be strong and energetic human beings. No amount of junk food can refill the nourishment received from planned healthy meals full of fresh and nutritive ingredients.

Everyone has one vitamin or mineral deficiency that stunts their health. Even though vitamin pills are readily available in the drug store, you must be aware of each of the vitamins’ activities inside the body before purchasing them. Food based vitamin intake is one of the best options, so let us get to know which all food products nourishes our bodies:

Vitamin C

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Vitamin C intake is the easiest to remember as the most delicious of fruits and vegetable contain this nutrient.  Shortcomings from vitamin C deficiency includes muscles aching and weakness, bleeding gums and overall fatigue.

Supplements are advised in case of allergies to particular fruits or vegetables, but it is assured that pills are the safest only under doctor’s advice. And all of them are easy to remember if vitamin C is taken daily as it improves memory retention and thinking. Citrus fruits such as oranges, grapes and lemon and vegetables listing from broccoli and spinach are rich in nourishment and vitamin content.

Vitamin D

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Vitamin D is known as the ‘sunshine vitamin’ as the body produces most amount of it in the sunlight. It helps in absorption of calcium and phosphorous, also in stabilizing the immunity system. Deficiency of vitamin D can lead to dangerous diseases such as cardiovascular problems and asthma.

It is hence, always better to take a walk in the sun early at dawn, when the sunlight is not strong but just helpful enough. Vitamin D is well-known for reducing depression and anxiety. Calcium and vitamin D in a combination suppresses appetite hence helping in reducing weight. Fish such as sardines and salmon, as well as dairy products served as yogurt or milk are rich in vitamin D.

Vitamin E

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Vitamin E is the star of all anti-oxidants producing nutrients that even has the power to slow down aging. It not only has fat-soluble functions but it known better to be catering to neurological process. Lack of it leads to a tinging sensation in the nerves as well as deteriorating vision.

In order to keep the immune system healthy, it is important to ingest vitamin E rich food and supplements daily. It not only balances cholesterol but also wards of diseases from free radicals. Vitamin E is popular as a cure to skin diseases and cancer, thereby reducing hair fall from infected scalp as well. Whole grains, nuts and seeds are abundant in vitamin E nutrients .

Vitamin K

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Vitamin K helps in healing blot clots and repairing wounds or scars. There are several signs of the deficiency in this particular nutrient, where skin gets bruised easily or blot clots appearing under the nails. Worst case scenario from lack of Vitamin K is bleeding in brain which can be potentially life threatening.

Better to prevent such occurrences as Vitamin K keeps the heart healthy and helps with cognitive responses of the body. Fitness enthusiasts must introduce vitamin D in their meals as it helps in maintaining strong bones and reduces the risk of fractures. A healthy amount of spinach or grapes and hard-boiled egg provides sufficient vitamin K for the body daily.

It is important to know about nutrients and their requirements as the body cannot function without one’s care and responsibility.

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