Your body is like a machine constantly requiring fuel for its proper functioning. The body’s fuel is adenosine triphosphate (ATP) generated by the food we consume. The specificity of what you eat be becomes more prominent if you indulge your tissues into a strenuous task.

What to eat, when to eat and how much to eat is what you need to decide to make the most of your workout sessions. Eating the right foods and consuming the right fluids is very important consideration before, during and after your workout. It is so because you need to keep a balance with your blood glucose concentrations maximise your performance and indulge in easy recovery.

Burning some carbs is useless if you’re not supplementing it with a good intake of proteinaceous meals. There are no hard and fast rules to stick to your regime or forbade from eating some food products but you should be able to judge your own body’s need.

What to Eat before your workout

Not fuelling your machine before you turn it on is like driving your body without any energy. It is important to understand that your stomach has been empty throughout the night and all the post processing is already done whose energy is already expended for your brain activity and respiration (in case you do not know; your brain never sleeps).

So you do not have any calories to burn unless you consume some. This regime should be followed two hours pre workout.

• Hydrate yourself with water.

• Eat fruits like Bananas, apples that provide you with instant energy.

• Carbs like low fat yogurt, low fat milk and steamed vegetables.

• Your protein shake with necessary recommended supplements

Remember pre workout meals should be such that consist of healthy carbs so you don’t feel tired.

What to Eat during your workout sessions

Water, water and water. Sip in a lot of water because even water some amount of dissolved oxygen in it that does reach your starved cells. If you are a regular workout practitioner then you do not need to eat during your workouts because they don’t last more than 1-2 hours.

But if you’re a professional athlete then you might like popping almonds, raisins and walnuts. Fruits like banana, apples and strawberries can also be consumed. You can even go for a low fat yogurt.

What to Eat Post your workout session

Well, now that you have burned enough calories, getting you through with the day is important. So here is what you should do.

• Fluids: Go for water, freshly prepared orange juice etc. Avoid consuming sugars just after your workout or any packed juices also. The key is to consume processed carbs which are not too much in their calorie count.

• Carbohydrates: Now that you have burned carbs which is the main fuel of your muscles, recovering some is what you should do. So consume oats, brown breads, eggs etc. The main concern is to go with foods that help in carbs recovery of your body.

• Proteins: Now this is what your muscles need to repair and grow them. So go for protein shakes, legumes and eggs.
A lot of your meals depend on the kind of workout you undergo. So choose wisely. And remember don’t be harsh with your body.

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