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As a girl with curls, your hair maintenance routine needs to be different from the rest. From oils to shampoos to conditioners, everything can be unique.

Curly hair requires proper care to keep away frizziness, hair fall, dryness, and a tangled mess. It hence needs luscious treatment to be more soft, strong, and manageable daily.

And the Curly Girl (CG) Method is here for you. While we shall be explaining in-depth about the CG method, in the next few articles, today we shall talk about the bad habits.

As a girl with curls, these are some steps you must stay away from to retain those beautiful locks!


Stay Away From Silicone

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Silicones are detrimental to your follicles’ health. These can dry out your hair and cause regular hair fall. Silicone is what provides that sheen and glossy finish.

Shampoos with non-natural oils, waxy textures, or even with chemical names ending in -one, -conol, or -xane would contain silicone.

As a curly girl, your attention should always be on the ingredients. Meaning, make sure to read the back of your shampoo before you purchase.

Not to forget, these are also a part of your conditioners, serums, and dying formulae. Hence, choosing the right brands is a must!


Sulfate, a Big No-No!

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Let us cut to the chase, your favorite brand that is always on TV ads has sulfate. Sulfate can make your hair become frizzier by the day, drying out the follicles by stripping it off the natural oils.

Moreover, shampoos with sulfate boast about removing dirt and grime but also takes away the scalp’s natural moisture.

Instead, opt for CG-friendly, sulfate-free shampoos, and hair care products that are good for you. These are gentle, moisture-absorbant, and can soften your hair.

Such products are best for people with curls.


Opt for No-Heat Policy

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If you need to head out, shampoo an hour before, and let your hair dry naturally. The heat from hairdryers, straighteners, and curlers can damage your curls, leaving them to be dry, frizzy, and full of split ends.

Instead, opt for gentle towel-drying, and some sun (not much as the rays can be harmful). By doing so, you can keep your curls feeling smooth, natural, and full of life!

So what is your invested CG tip for girls with curls? Do let us know.

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